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Run like Forrest Gump because it is more fun than gym

Keeping all gym talks aside, here is a take on running, and why it is more fun than gym. Find out reasons for you to break free and cover long distances. Its more fun than you would think.

Exercise & Fitness By Arka Roy ChowdhuryJun 25, 2014

Road Runner

Running is breaking free. Remember Forest Gump? How he ran through the great American states setting records and breaking some? He was sad, he was broken, he wanted to set out on an endless journey that would lighten his heavy heart. He ran, he didnt turn to the gym, and neither did he become an alcoholic. Running has its merits, lots of it. If you can run for a kilometer with determination, you will know that everything has suddenly changed. You will change, and so will the world around you. Care of a run pal?

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The Great Outdoors

The first and most important thing about running is that you get to see the great outdoors. You will cross rivers, valleys, and hills, you will run through green fields, past people and animals, and little children. There is a lot of things awaiting you there on the outside, you are deprived of all this when you decide to stay indoors. The outside world will rejuvinate your soul.

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All Overall Experience

You do not only run in order to lose weight or to get fit, but there are a bunch of other things that come in between. When you runyou release endorphins that works like magic for any depressed mind. Also, perspiring in provides you active solace which you will only realise when you are at it. It is a great way to release all the worries from your mind.

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Its Free of Cost

People never think twice before shedding big bucks for multi gyms that promise a killer body. But when you run you do not have to spend even a penny, all you need is a pair of shoes and some clothes fit to run. Some would say that you do not even require that much, instead your bare feet are enough for running.

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Your Own Music

Here is one real advantage. You can listen to your own music when you are running outside. When you are in a gym you have to bare with the kind of music that they play there, well, that may not be your style! So, whether it is hip hop, classical, rock or trance, you have it in your mp3 player and you are on the run!

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Run Anytime

Here is why it is even better than the gym. You do not have to set your schedule according to your gym timings, you will never miss anything this way. Have a party to attend? That could be a problem when you go to the gym in the evening, but when you run you could simply go for an quick run and hit the party!

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A Sort of High

You are high when you run. You want to cover longer distances with each passing day, it is a great feeling and that is why it is so fun! Today you go for one block, tomorrow two blocks, next day you try reaching crossing your town, and it is a constant challenge. It is you against yourself and it a euphoria, a great high!

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The Challenge

You are always challenging yourself when you ara a runner. You are either wanting to cover greater distances, or you want to cover a certain distance in a certain amount of time. There is always the need to excell when you are running, compared to gym where you are almost always very concerned about your shape and size.

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Friendly Bond

You and your running buddy out in the morning, running and covering distances. This is fun, it really is. There are no gym monsters around who make you look like a little chicken, you have your friend who will guide you and push you. The two of you will run and accomplish life's goals. Yes, fun it is.

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Breaks you Free

Remember Freddie Mercury of Queens fame and the song, "I want to break free"? Well, that is how you feel when you run. Running is fun because it somehow breaks your chains and releases you, you are on your own, you are the master of your own fate. You can go on for great distances and feel great about it. You can run away from every possible pain and grief. Running is the real deal.

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