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"I love you": The illusion of love as created by insincere lovers

Here are ten reasons why your romantic declaration is not enough. "I love you" is as good as "I don't care", here is why.

Dating By Onlymyhealth Staff Writer / Jun 13, 2014

The "I love you" bug

While the song, "I just want to say I love you" by Stevie Wonder is a wonderful song for sure, but no matter how many times you repeat the magic words it will not be enough. Saying "I love you" is like the promise of rain in scorching summer heat, but unless it rains it is worth nothing. The fact is that no matter how many times you repeat these words, the only real meaning is when you show it.

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Sounds like empty words

If there is no action then these words seem futile. The truth is that if you really love this person then you should be showing it in every possible manner. Unless you actually provide some sound proof of your love for your partner, there is no use of saying these words. They are as good as empty.

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It is an easy way out

Everyone likes to hear "I love you" from that special someone. But you are taking advantage of this and merely throwing words, in other words saying "I love you" is an easy way out to make someone happy momentarily. You have to be more sincere than that if you really mean what you say. There is nothing that can surpass the feeling of love, words are simply the easiest way out.

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Silence says a lot

Some of the most romantic and acclaimed movies will tell you that saying "I love you" is worthless. There is no mention of, "I love you" in these movies. There are just actions that replace the words and make a couple believe in one another. This is important, more important than any proclaimation made with words.

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You also love Facebook

Remember when you said out loud, "Oh my god! I love facebook!"? Your love is as minitaure as this. You throw the word love as a suffix and prefix to every orther thing, and then you say the same for the person whom you call your better half. There are so many superficial elements making the rounds of human behaviour that it is exceedingly difficult to say what love could really mean to you.

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Be sincere about it

When your wife is tired and yet there are a lot of household chores to be done, what do you do? Do you smile at her while watching a game of football and say "I love you honey" after every half an hour or do you actually get up to help her with the work? You see your actions are so pathetic that love is a far away dream for your wife. Do not just say, "I love you", be sincere about it.

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But why?

This could be a very interesting question to ask you. You sure do go around announcing your love for your man or woman, but if someone was to ask you the reason for the same, what would you say then? Can you please clarify why you love him or her, instead of just going on and on with those same old stale words? At one point it just gets lame, even the person hearing it can get irritated.

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Love is intimate

By intimate we do not mean physical love, we mean the connection of hearts. Do you sit beside your partner and look into her eyes and forget the world? Do you hold her cheeks and smile at her? Do you take her head on your shoulder and stroke her head? If you do not know what it feels like to go teary just by the sight of your lover or partner, then stop saying "I love you". Love is found in your eyes, not in your words.

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Love is caring

Once again, you have to understand what is the shape that love takes. You never have to say your partner the three magic words, they are worthless if you are not caring. If you realy do love this person so much, then you should be very caring about him or her. When you are not showing any sign of being caring then you are just as good as the neighbourhood kid having a crush on someone for the sake of lust.

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The little things

We are not asking you to buy her a diamond ring every month, and neither is she expecting so, if she is sane that is. The little things are the real deal. To get your lover water when he or she is thristy, to have her back in a conversation, to cook food for the sake of love, to make the bed every night before you sleep. That is love in its real form. Do you do it or do you show it?

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Whisper it Softly

Finally what we would like to tell ou is that you need to say it for sure, but you need to express it even more. That is more important. When you are expressing your love through actions, it is only then that it is best understood. Never make the mistake of speaking empty words, they are futile and they are stale.

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