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Why eating lunch at desk is unhealthy

Eating lunch while working at your desk may make you look like a pro multitasker, but it is not cool. Learn how you may be harming your health by missing out on your lunch breaks.

Mind Body By Meenakshi Chaudhary / Jul 06, 2015

Unhealthy eating habits

If you spend a lot of time at your desk so much that you even eat your lunch while still staring at the computer screen, you are doing something bad to your health. But, you are not alone; more than 60 percent of working people eat their lunch at their desks. It has been scientifically proven, we all know that eating a balanced and nutritious diet helps in maintaining concentration and health throughout the week. But, does it really matter where we eat? According to a recent German study, your lunch habits including where you eat your lunch and with whom you eat can affect your work life, as well as your health. Here is why you should stop eating lunch at your desk.

Glued to your seat

You may think eating in front of your computer will impress your boss as it shows your commitment, however, it may not. Instead, going down to the cafeteria for lunch would. When you step out during lunch break, it refreshes your mind.  Researchers have also shown that employees who spend long periods of time in their seats display decline in productivity. So, use your beaks for your own good and perform better.


You can't eat mindfully if you are eating at your desk. Looking at your system while eating will be very distracting. When you eat at your desk, you tend to read emails or carry other tasks and such distractions will either make you eat more or less than you require. On the other hand, people who enjoy their lunch without distractions feel fuller for longer. Now you may be getting a hint as to why eating lunch at your desk is bad for health.

Poor food choices

People who eat lunch at their desk tend to eat something light. This may result in binge eating by the end of the day as your cravings tend to increase after a few hours.

Germs on your desk

You may look at your desk and think it’s pretty clean. But, it’s not as there more than 10 million bacteria lurking on the mouse and keyboard that you use every day.  When you eat at your desk, you are exposing your food to a germ-ridden environment. Thus, eating in a different place is a healthier choice.


Eating at your desk while working makes you concentrate more on your work than your food which causes diversion of blood supply from digestive system to brain and heart. If your body is not relaxed when you are eating food, it may put stress on the body’s functioning, especially digestion.


If you spend your day at your desk, you will feel drained and irritated by the end of the day. Energy is required not only to manage office tasks, but also to keep one’s conduct. Taking lunch breaks may help you recharge your mind.

Disrupted posture

Sitting for long hours at the same place can take a toll on your shoulders, back, neck and legs. By taking a lunch break, you not only move away from desk for some time but also help yourself improve blood circulation, thus providing more energy and oxygen to your tissues and organs. These reasons to stop eating lunch at job desk should be enough to send you out to enjoy your lunch. Image Source: Getty


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