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Why are Teens more Prone to STDs

Sexually transmitted diseases, unsafe sex practices and unwanted pregnancies are on a rise among adolescents. Learn what makes them more likely to contract STDs.

Snr By Himanshu Sharma / Feb 02, 2014

Prevalence of STDs among Teens

Sexually transmitted diseases, unsafe sex practices and unwanted pregnancies have become significant health issues for teenagers across the globe. More and more teenagers are contracting STDs today. Let's find out what could be the possible reasons behind this.

Uncomfortable Subject

Dealing with sexuality is an uncomfortable subject. Adolescents hesitate to seek information and support on issues like sex and relationships. Teens may feel uncomfortable asking their parents or a medical professional about such issues.

Risky Behaviour

The adolescents get a skewed version of sexuality via media regarding sex, dating and romance. As a result, they engage in risky behaviours and are likely to end up with an STD.

Alcohol Indulgence

Common teen behaviours that are tied to sexual activity include engaging in drug and alcohol use. Alcohol indulgence may cloud a teen's judgement and cause them to engage in unnecessary activities.

Peer Pressure

A lot of teens give in to pressure to indulge in some sort of sexual activity either by a romantic partner or by friends. Teens also end up assuming that it is all right to follow what everyone else is doing.

STD Myths

Not everyone is intelligent or uses good judgement when it comes to sex. Teens do have many false beliefs that put them at risk of contracting an STD.

Underdeveloped Reproductive Systems

Teenagers, especially girls, are more prone to sexually transmitted diseases than adults as their reproductive systems are still developing and more vulnerable to infections.

Emotional Distress

A study at the University of California, San Francisco suggests that teens suffering from depression were more likely to engage in risky behaviours. Their risky sexual behaviour exacerbates the risk of STDs.

Online Sexual Content

Sexual content on the internet is one of the reasons that adolescents engage in risky sexual behaviour. With the proliferation of free sites, teens fail to realise the consequences that sexual activities can have.

Parent’s Role

Parents must learn as much as about STDs as they can so that they can talk to their children about it. Make them understand the effects and dangers of STDs to make right decisions and keep the risk of STDs at bay.

Counselling Teens about STDs

Sex education can potentially head off some risky behaviours. Parents must counsel their adolescent children about the risks and causes of STDs. Speak to them about the ways STDs are transmitted from one person to another.


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