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BOY ADVICE: When your Crush doesn't like you Back

Here are some tips for those boys who are brooding over the loss of their crush. Be strong and move on!

Dating By Arka Roy Chowdhury / May 05, 2014

It's a Boy Thing

Every one has had a crush sometime or the other in their lives. Our lives revolves around our crushes, from one to the next. If you are a boy who have been rejected and dejected by a girl then here are some tips for you. You can either let it be and move on to the next best damsel in distress, or you could change the present and work towards getting this crush to like you.

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Change Yourself

Now this is a little hard to digest but if you want result then we say you should change yourself according to her likes. Find out from her close friends regarding her likes and dislikes and then work on them. Charm her and show her that you are what she has always dreamt of and chances are that she will fall for you sooner than you realise. It is just one sly try.

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Play it Cool

Once she has give you all signs of being disinterested then you should play it cool. Never be the desperate one, do not ever show too much of interest in her. Just be normal and at the same time ber intreresting. You should partake in conversations that interests both of you, because it is nice to have someone with your own interests and she would like that. Never make the first move too early on, once again we would like to remind you to play it cool.

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Close the Act

There was a time when you were trying your best to grab her attention, and so she would think that you will do so again and again. But the trick is to close the act of trying. She said she isn't interested so be it. Instead be happy and loving and show her that you are having a great time even without her. She would wonder as to why aren't you showing any more interest in her?

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Flirt Spree

You have to put your sorrow away and flirt as much as you can, and not just with her but with everyone. Flirt so that she feel jealous and goes mad. You need to play it right and stay on her mind, you have to interest her, she will see that you are this enchanting personality who is so good with people, especially girls and then she would want to get to you!

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Take Care of Yourself

The first step to liking someone is physical attraction, which then leads to love and everything else. So, you should take special care in taking care of yourself. You must dress well, wear clean and proper clothes and be at your stylish best when you are around this crush. But be careful not to be rude or arrogant, just be normal.

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Do not be Bitter

You did try your best, but now there is nothing much to do but wait. Do not open a Hate Club dedicated to your crush or do not be bitter about it. The best thing which you can do is to move on with your best wishes for her. You will do no good if you sit and brood about it. Be awesome and be nice!

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Your Friends

Surround yourself with your guy friends and make merry. You know friends are always there to support you, and some of them may even try to hook you up with a great girl, and she could be even better than your crush! Therefore, we say you should spend more time with your guy friends and have as much fun as possible.

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Don't Contact

This is the Golden Rule of getting sidelined. Never ever contact this person ever again, and you will be very happy. Everytime you contact this person, she will think that you are being a pest, and the truth is that on some level you are being a pest. You call her, she doesnt respond, you call back and you find her number busy! That is the ultimate recipe for heart break! So do not contact.

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Get Busy

You must learn to keep yourself occupied by all means. Join some language class or learn to play a new instrument, or just read a book. Whatever you do, it is essential that you keep yourself busy so that you do not have random thoughts about your crush. This is the best way to forget someone, and believe us, it is best to forget.

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You are Lucky

Consider yourself to be lucky that this was not a full blown relationship and that you are not terribly hurt. This is merely a crush and you will have many such crushes in the future. You cannot afford to sit back and moarn over it, you have to move on in life with a heart of steel. There is a lot to do in life boy, be brave!

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