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What Women Want In Bed

What women want will remain mystery for as long as you want it to be, and the same applies to her wants in bed too. Rather than guessing, try to figure out same by talking to her about how she’s feeling and knowing her expectations beforehand.

Snr By Himanshu Sharma / Jan 14, 2013

Romantic Atmosphere

Women love romance. Words and gestures of romance not only make her comfortable, but will also turn her on. Lighting candles, playing her favourite romantic melodies and sprinkling bed with flower petals are all conventional acts, but a sure shot gateway to her heart. Live and enjoy the moment, jumping too far will create an environment of displeasure. Confluence of effective communication and romantic environment fosters the sexual experience.

Bedroom Talks

Most of the times, men hesitate to talk about preferences in the bedroom, i.e. the position or anything related to what goes on between a 'much-in-love' couple. Key to healthy physical relationship is communication. It is quite important to communicate about sex issues, without any hesitation with your partner. Any kind of abusive remarks should be avoided unless your partner does it herself in some situation. In order to communicate freely with your partner, bring up something from your physical relationship such as ‘I love it when you...’

Smooth, Slow & Passionate Act

Women don’t acknowledge a minute-lover, rather want things slow and smooth. Get acquainted with the situation, devoting time to caress and fondle, and all of these things that will make her happy. Moreover, hold her while gazing deep in her eyes. In a nutshell, one must involve her mind, body and spirit into the pursuit.


One of the crucial aspects of sexual act is foreplay. Foreplay is a ust because otherwise it will seem as if you're making a leap to climax and don't bother about her desries. Foreplay can be verbal too so experiment all you can; begin with kissing, softly caressing her body, teasing her and trying to talk about what’s going to happen next.


Surprise her! Women love surprises, so why not surprise her in bed. The surprises will contribute to the cause of spicing physical relationship. Therefore, one must have some tricks up in their sleeves to delight their lady luck.

To Take the Charge

Yes, women too want to take charge! Let her be in charge, make her feel as though she's is leading the act. Tell her that what she's doing is really working for you. Sometimes, it is better to give control and relax.

Cuddles and More Cuddles

Women complain that men tend to get lost in their own world, they want what they want. Everything comes in pairs; men shouldn’t forget what their partner wants. To please her, it would be nice if you do cuddling for a while.

Tease and Tickle

It’s a part of foreplay. Sometimes, those light touches and teases can electrify the act. Tease her with an object such as feather. It can tickle the sensitive part of her body and get you into the act.


We all are vocal beings. Tell them how you like it and what you love about her. Be more open than you are about lovemaking with your partner. Don’t let your ego get in the way; it will better your connection with her.

Roughness, Aggression

If everything has been working fine for you, even then it is okay to venture into this slightly darker fantasy. You don't necessarily have to be the aggressor on every occasion but a little adventure on bed sometimes is what she wanted.


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