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What to do When You Fall in Love with Your Best Friend

Falling in love with your best friend is a very common tale. Dealing with it can be tough, know how you can do it.

Snr By Ariba Khaliq / Dec 31, 2013

Don’t Worry, It’s Natural

Remember Ross and Rachel falling in love in Friends? Two best friends falling in love can be complicated and yet it happens all the time because our friends know us inside out. Now that, you have fallen in love with your best friend, know what to do.

Understand the Feeling

Is that infatuation or true love? Understand what you feel for your best friend when you are attracted to them. If you are only physically attracted, getting involved in a fling will only damage a close friendship forever. But if you feel that they are the end of the world for you, you must contemplate about the next step.

Find Out if They Feel the Same for You

Assessing if the feeling of attraction is mutual is important to weigh the risks against the possibilities of ruining a perfect friendship. Be careful about coming out too suddenly or openly. You must observe them to know if they have the same feelings for you.

Don’t Rush It

“You know we have been friends for a long time” or “What would I do without you” are some subtle and harmless comments that display your affection towards them. These may give them a hint of how you are feeling and will help you determine how they react to such situations. However, dropping them too often will risk you being too obvious.

Amuse Them

Humour can bridge the gap between your already close lives. Tell each other jokes which entertain you and may bring you emotionally closer than you were before. To tell jokes, you must spend more time with them. Enjoy the same activities you always have as best friends. Show them that you're fun to be around.

Be There for Them

You are their best friends; you must know what they need. Be the shoulder she can cry on, cook him food when he is missing home.  They need to see what an amazing girlfriend/boyfriend you will make. But remember to be there for him/her because you care about them, and not because you expect anything in return.

Interpret for Compromising Abilities

Relationships are lot different and harder than friendships. There are expectations, disappointments, and a way more give-and-take in a relationship. You must test your assess your friendship on terms of compatibility as a relationship and if both of you can accommodate each others’ wants and needs.

Communicate Your Feelings Carefully

When you are coming clean with them, you must choose your words cleverly. “I am deeply in love with you” can come to be a shocker for him/her. Instead, you can choose to say something like “I've realized that my feelings for you have changed. I want to be more than friends with you. How does hearing that make you feel?” Such toned down words are honest and will give you both space to talk about future possibilities.


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