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What to do about ankle swelling during pregnancy

It is said that body of a pregnant woman absorbs more fluid. The expanding uterus puts pressure on veins that hinders the flow of blood to heart. This causes swollen ankle pregnancy and not just ankles but legs and feet. Then there are few hormonal

Pregnancy By Namrata Dutta / Mar 17, 2016

Give your feet some rest

Try and avoid standing for too long. If you have been sitting for too longs, rotate your feet at the ankles. And if possible, try to sit with your legs elevated and not in hanging position.

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Wear compression stocking

Wear supportive compression stocking during the day. It will help you control the swelling.

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Massages might help

Massaging your leg and ankle might help ease the swelling. Lightly massaging the swollen part will surely relieve you.

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Workout a bit

Walk for 10 to 20 minutes daily, don’t exert, and just normally take a walk. Ride bike or swim laps.

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Sleep on your side

If you try and sleep on your left, the blood from the lower half of your body will flow much easily, taking of pressure from the inferior cava.

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Cold water compressions

Try some cold water compressions, it can reduce foot and ankle swelling.

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