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What Should You Do If Your Cheating Friend Asks To Cover Up For Them

When a friend cheats on their partner and expects you to cover up for them, you will have to make a difficult choice of saying yes or no. What will you do?

Dating By Ariba Khaliq / May 19, 2014

When a Buddy Cheats

Each one of us think of ourselves as cheating experts- that we know why people cheat, what of a person gets cheated on, and how to handle cheaters once they’re caught. But, when a friend of yours is cheating on their partner, you are confronted by an infidelity scenario that is decidedly not hypothetical. Things get cloudier, murkier, and more complicated.  Your friend’s image becomes altered in your eyes. So, what does one do when a cheating friend is asking you to lie on their behalf? Would you allow the push to the acceptable boundaries of healthy friendship or would you put your foot down? Image Courtesy: Getty


Don’t Cross Them Out

It’s sketchy to drop a dime if your buddy is cheating. Not that what they are doing is right but you don’t want to take the matters in your hand. They probably would suffer the consequences for their behaviour. And while you don’t want to cover up for their infidelity, you don’t necessarily want to let out their dirty little secret. Image Courtesy: Getty




Confront Them

When your friend is cheating, confront them about their shady behaviour. Tell them that you don’t approve of their choice and that it’s uncool. As a friend you must encourage them to resolve the situation by either ending the relationship or by coming clean in front of their partner. Image Courtesy: Getty


Don’t Sing about it to the World

You’ve done your part when you have confronted your cheating friend. What they do further is wholly their choice. But, even if they choose to overlook your advice and keep on cheating on their partner, you must not get everyone involved. Keep it to yourself. Image Courtesy: Getty



Don’t Join In

For the love of God and the trust people put in relationships, don’t be an accomplice to your cheating friend. If they ask you to cover up for them, tell them up front that you are uncomfortable about the whole thing and that you’ll not lie for them or aid them in their philandering ways. Image Courtesy: Getty


Don’t Interrogate Your Friend

Pressing your friend for details won’t help. You can simply let them know that you are disappointed in their behaviour and explain to them why you are against infidelity and wouldn’t want to cover up for them.  Image Courtesy: Getty


Don’t Predict

Just shut-up. You have had your say; you can’t do anything more. Things like "You know this will only end in heartache" won’t help because probably deep down your friend already knows it and is actually doing this particular reason only. Image Courtesy: Getty


Don’t Get Mad

Infidelity is a personal subject and however disapproving you may find it, don’t be angry at your friend. Also, don’t judge them. The feeling of bitterness in friendship may make it difficult for you to remain calm but you have to do it so that you can put some sense in your friend. Image Courtesy: Getty


Honour Your Own Values

When your friend openly tells you that they are cheating on their partner, your friendship will change in some way. You feel strongly about infidelity, and while you support your friend you may need to distance yourself from their behaviour.  Image Courtesy: Getty


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