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Have you decided to make Love with your Guy? Here is what he will Notice

Knowing thoroughly what a man exactly notices about you when he gets in bed with you for the first times is important for every woman. Here is a short guide.

Dating By Vasudha Bhat / Jun 19, 2014

Blow his Mind with Perfection

The moment a couple decides to take the relationship to a more intimate level, the first thing which goes through a woman’s mind is to look her best when she is alone with her man in the bedroom. Feeling excited and nervous at the same time, women spend a fortune in the parlours for a perfect facial and to have their body waxed. However, knowing what the man will exactly notice the first time you get between the sheets will definitely prove more helpful for you. So, here is a guide for you  that will tell you exactly what your man expects during the first intimate moments of the two of you.

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Skin Colour

This may come as a surprise to you after you have spent a huge portion of your salary to buy beauty products which claim to give radiating skin and unbelievable fairness. But, all that money is down the drain now because men love it au naturel. They would like to see the natural skin colour on your body and not the artificial one.

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To increase their sex appeal, many females in the showbiz industry go under the knife to enhance the pout of their lips. Inspired by the impression such lips have on men, many women do follow trade to woo the man of their life. But, when men notice those unusually pouted lips, it may turn them off big time.

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Scars and Sunburns

Yes, men with scars have a higher sex appeal. But, women with scars or body marks are also appreciated by men because those marks are a sign of experience and endurance which real men will definitely respect.

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It’s not just about looking beautiful. Spending endlessly on your body and then ruining it with low self-confidence is surely not what you wish for. Men like to see confident women even if the one lying next to them is barely clad.

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The clichéd way of love making is when a man makes the first move. But, when a woman takes the first step, it captures the male’s attention faster than expected.

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Besides your body language, your eyes also do a lot of talking. Your eyes must reflect your inner confidence and you must never shy away from giving him the right gaze whenever needed during the act.

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Although almost all men are clueless about problems like split ends, etc., what they do notice is the texture of your hair. Frizzy hair can be a turn off for him. Be sure you have done something effective about those tangled knots before entering the bedroom.

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