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What is Sexual Anorexia?

Sexual anorexia is the loss of desire for sex. Usually there is no physical reason for sexual anorexia and it is generally attributed to avoidance and fear of the sexual activities. Impotence in men can also cause sexual anorexia.

Snr By Meenakshi Chaudhary / Apr 02, 2014

Sexual Anorexia

Anorexia meaning interrupted appetite suggests that sexual anorexia is the loss of desire for sex. Usually there is no physical reason for sexual anorexia and it is generally attributed to avoidance and fear of the sexual activities. Impotence in men can also cause sexual anorexia. Image Courtesy : Getty Images

How does it Feel?

While every person with sexual anorexia may have different feelings about sexual activities. However, generally a sexual anorexic will typically experiences a dread of sexual pleasure or a persistent fear of sexual contact. Image Courtesy : Getty Images


A person with sexual anorexia usually shows symptoms of fear and anger regarding sexual activities. Other common symptoms of sexual anorexia are obsession and hyper vigilance around sexual matters, avoidance of anything connected with sex, preoccupation with others being sexual, distortions of body appearance and extreme loathing of body functions. Image Courtesy : Getty Images

Who has it?

Since the problem is usually not caused by a physical reason, both men and women can suffer from sexual anorexia. However a person with a history of sexual exploitation has higher chances of having sexual anorexia. Image Courtesy : Getty Images


Sexual anorexia can be caused by both physical and emotional reasons; however the emotional causes are more common. The common physical causes can include hormone imbalances, childbirth, breastfeeding, exhaustion and medicines. While the common emotional causes are sexual abuse including rape, strict religious views, communication skills and power struggles with a partner or loved one. Image Courtesy : Getty Images


Since it doesn't have visible symptoms, sexual anorexia can be very difficult to diagnose. The diagnosis mostly depends on the communication between the patient and the doctor as there is not even a single standard test to identify the condition. However some blood tests can show the hormone levels that can be connected to the libido. Image Courtesy : Getty Images


The best way to treat sexual anorexia is hormone therapy. It is most effective in cases where the physical causes of sexual anorexia are prominent. People who suffer from inhibited sexual desire because of low testosterone, ED, menopause or low estrogen levels may benefit from this treatment. Image Courtesy : Getty Images

Emotional Therapy

In cases where the emotional causes of sexual anorexia are prominent medical treatment might not be of much help. Emotional therapy can be very effective in such cases. Counseling, relationship training, and even sex therapy sessions can be of great help. Image Courtesy : Getty Images

Can It Go Along With Addiction?

People with sexual anorexia often have personal history of sexual exploitation or some form of severely traumatic sexual rejection. Although less common, however it's possible for a person to be both sexually addicted and sexually anorexic. Such a person would act sexually in less relevant relationships or situations and sexually inactive or paralyzed in intimate relationships. Image Courtesy: Getty Images

Sexual Anorexia and Pornography

A study from Italian Society of Andrology and Sexual Medicine (SIAMS) done on more than 25000 men found that early and easy access to pornography has the ability to reduce the interest of a person in the real sexual activities. Image Courtesy : Getty Images


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