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What happens when you enter your 30s

Time flies, you do not even realize and you are already in your 30s. They say 20s was the best time while some find their 30s extremely fulfilling. 20s or 30s, it’s all part of life.

Mind Body By Namrata Dutta / Feb 22, 2016

When coffee becomes your poison

Well, you did not understand the value of a simmering hot mug of bittersweet coffee in your 20s but the by your early thirties, you have a cup of coffee and praise the lord.

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No gyms, just pure fitness

Going to gym used to be fun wearing those super cute gym gears.
However, eventually, exercising and working out is about fitness. People finally get to know the value of health when they hit their 30s and get closer to dying. 30s is the time they realize that exercising might give them few years more to live.

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Drunken nights

Drunken nights and hangovers are cool when you are in your 20s. Waking up next to a stranger, getting wasted and being late for class would have gotten you a pat on your back by friends.

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The flawless skin is gone

There used to be a time when, dust and sunrays did not bother us. Now, a single ray of sunshine scares the shit out of us.
Cover each and every portion of face, dark glasses for eyes; nothing should touch my already ageing face, nothing!

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The 9 PM diaries

It used to ne the time for a night out with friends, party and trying out the new restaurant down the block.
In 30s, slip into your pajamas, brush teeth and hit the sack because after a certain period of time, it is as god as it gets.

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The friend circle

Every alley, every block had friends. School friends, science lab friends, gym friends and people who would just bump into you would turn your fast friends. You would hang out more than often, you would have sleepovers, you would eat together.
Time lapse to 30s!
We don’t need friends, business and colleagues would do. Who has time for friends?

And this is how we step into our 30s and then time passes and we are already in our 40s and 50s.

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