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What guys Think After Sex

Snr By Bhadra Kamalasanan / Jan 03, 2014

What is He Thinking?

Women are always conscious about what the guy they have just made love with is thinking. If you are also dying to know what your man probably thinks after making love to you, you have come to the right place.

What to Talk?

Men are wondering what to tell the girl after having had it done, should he pay compliments about her prowess in bed? Should he enumerate all the pros and cons of her love making style? Should be just lay still and wait for the earth cave in? He is full of doubts here!

How to Get Going Now

When a guy is into a one night stand then this is what he will be thinking once he is done with all of ‘that’. He would be staring at the ceiling with thoughts raging in his mind about which is the right time to bid goodbye. There is actually no right time; he is just thinking when is it that would make her feel less bad?

Did She Like it?

Every guy would like to believe that he is the one to send shivers down her spine, and that he is just brilliant in bed. So yes, surprisingly he would actually be thinking about the girl’s side of the story for once, shocking ha? He would like to know how she liked it, and of course she should answer this after giving it some real good thought.

What Now?

So now that it is all done and done, he is wondering what step he should be taking next. Should he be calling her up to ask you for another date? Should he be making conversations with her on a daily basis? How must he behave with her now that they have had quenched their physical thirst? So many questions on a guy’s mind!

When can we do it Again?

The first time may be, could be full of hesitations, and this would give way to the next one. A guy is always thinking when he can do it next with her. If he happens to have fallen in love with her then this question can wait, but if he is just into the physical thing then this is a biggest question.

Just want to Relax

It is pretty tiring, this whole sex business. Therefore, men like to lie in the darkest night and contemplate, not exactly about her but about all other things. You see, the mind is now clear and there are issues at hand. But no, she would like to cuddle and get cozy while asking questions. These existential questions aren’t what men need at such an hour.

Did she Feel Respected?

The sensitive man would like to know if the girl is feeling all right after sex. He would want to know if she is feeling all right because sexual acts at times can become a tad bit over the top. Moreover men somehow aren’t really bothered about how she has felt, therefore this kind of sentiment echoes in men who are the more sensitive sort.


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