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What does the colour of your urine suggest?

Urine is something most people are reluctant to talk about. But, the truth is that its colour, odour and consistency can provide hidden cues about your health.

Mind Body By Himanshu Sharma / Jun 11, 2014

Changes in The Colour of Urine

Urine is something most people are reluctant to talk about. Not often do we take a closer look at it while urinating. The truth is that even though urine is a waste full of toxins that gets chucked out of our bodies, it is an important teller of how our health is. Changes in the colour, odour and consistency of urine can provide cues about your health.  (Image source:Getty)

Clear or Light Yellow

The ideal colour of urine is light yellor or clear implying that you are as healthy as you could be. Clear urine suggests that you are well-hydrated and your body is functioning the way it should be. (Image source:Getty)


When your body is not very well-hydrated, your urine will be yellow. It can also be because of excessive sweating or low level of hydration. It suggests that you should be drinking more liquids. (Image source:Getty)

Dark Yellow/brown

When you are on medications, the colour of your urine may turn dark yellow/brown. While this could mean that you have underlying liver problems, it is mostly just the medication that is causing the urine to become so. (Image source:Getty)


The urine that is milky-white in colour suggests the growth of bacteria in the urinary tract, urinary tract infection or presence of kidney stones. If your urine has changed to milky-white, see a doctor immediately. (Image source:Getty)


Urine colour can change to red or pink after you consume foods that are made with red dye or natural red colour like beetroot and blackberries. If you’ve not consumed such foods, it could indicate blood getting in the urine. Trouble with urinary system, kidney stones or strenuous exercising can breakdown red blood cells and turn urine to red/pink colour.


Medication used to ease urinary problem can give a tinge of orange colour to your urine. Besides, consumption of carrots or carrot juice can also make the urine appear orange.(Image source:Getty)

Blue or Green

Blue or green coloured urine is probably so because of some food that you ate the previous night. It is not a cause for concern, except if it persists. There is a rare genetic disease that can turn your urine to blue or green. (Image source:Getty)

Factors that affect the Colour of the Urine

What you consume can change the colour of your urine. Medications, chemotherapy drugs, laxatives and dyes that are often prescribed for the treatment of urinary tract infection can influence urine colour. If you are taking any of these, your urine colour may change. (Image source:Getty)

When to Seek Medical Advice

If you are not sure of what it is that made your urine change its colour, you should see a doctor. Blood in the urine is one serious sign for which you must seek medical advice immediately. When you at your doctor’s office for regular health check-up, undergo urinalysis. (Image source:Getty)


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