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What Does your Favorite Flower Say about you

Flowers are a beautiful way to express yourself and flowers, in general, speak a lot about a person’s overall personality. Take a look at what your favorite flower says about you.

Mental Health By Suhail Sattar / Jul 03, 2018


If you love roses, you like romance and passion. You appreciate tradition, particularly festivities and family. You are the personification of charm and femininity, and you always strive for perfection, bringing out the best in others.

Orchids or tropical flowers

If exotic orchids appeal you, you are worldly and wise. You like mystery and tend to automatically draw others to you with your one-of-a-kind appeal. You have a small, but close circle of friends.


If you like Irises you are very imaginative and creative. You enjoy exploring and are quite open to new experiences. You are easy to talk to, honest, kind and value other's opinion.


If lilies are your favorite flower, you are a very authoritative and nurturing human being. You like to take care of others, particularly those who you love the most. You like taking pride in your appearance, achievements and personal relationships.


You consider being level-headed and down-to-earth at the same time. You like stability, practicality and are realistic. You like advising and guiding your friends.

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