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What body shape says about your health?

Our body shape in an indicator of health. It can reveal what illnesses you may be prone to and what exercises you need to minimize health risks and at the same time maximize the advantages of your shape.

Mind Body By Editorial Team / May 13, 2014

Triangular Body Shape

You have a triangular body shape if your shoulders are broad and waist is narrow. Often referred to as ‘swimmer's body’, triangular body shape is a very good shape to be in. People with this shape have a high metabolism and do not gain fat easily.

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Health risks

If people with triangular body shape eat foods laden with fat, they may put themselves at greater risk of heart disease. Moreover, the excessive exercise can lead to a greater risk of osteoporosis.

What can be done to cut health risks?

Those with a triangular shape have a very hard-working adrenal gland, which makes them prone to cravings for salty or savoury carbohydrate snacks. They should eat more protein foods such as fish and eggs to keep control over cravings.

Apple-shaped body

Apple body shape is the most common one. Fat tends to gather around the abdomen, legs and hips are slimmer than your upper half. This makes one look like an apple.

Health risks

When you keep accumulating fat around your middle, health risks go up significantly. The fat keeps on adding, constantly breaks down and circulates in the blood. This increases the risk of heart disease, high blood pressure and diabetes.

What can be done to cut health risks?

Those with the apple shape body can cut their health risk with diet and exercises. They should make a diet around foods that have wheat, proteins, minimum carbohydrates and plenty of fibre. Any type of aerobic activity, cardio exercise and weight training help reduce the health risks.

Pear type body shape

You have a pear shaped body if you are heavier on the bottom than top and carry excess weight in your hips, thighs, and butt. Women are more prone to accumulating fat around their bottom and thighs than men.

Health risks

The pear-shaped body is much healthier than an apple-shaped body. Those with the body shape don’t have the risk of heart disease and diabetes as significant as those with an apple shape body. However, extra weight on the hips puts them at risk of osteoarthritis. Among other health risks are ovarian cancer, breast cysts and endometriosis.

how to cut health risks

Those with the pear-shaped body must cut down their fat intake. They need to streamline the thighs. Exercise that will work the major leg muscles, such as running or brisk walking can cut the health risks.


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