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Weirdos you meet when stuck in traffic jam

Traffic jams, potholes, running stray animals are all a part of city life and surprisingly you have become used to all of them. But, what can irritate you beyond limits are the various kinds of people you meet when you are stuck in traffic jam.

Mental Health By Vasudha Bhat / Jan 08, 2015

Have a Bad Day!

Every morning when the sun comes up, you start over with new hope and make a wish that everything that takes place throughout the day, aims at making you happy. Thus, your pursuit of happiness begins with a refreshing cup of coffee, an energizing bath followed by a healthy breakfast. However, your quest for satisfaction and happiness comes to an end as soon as you step out on the road to reach your workplace because it is here where you meet your worst nightmare, a traffic jam. Surprisingly, it isn’t the getting stuck on the road for hours that takes a toll on your mental well-being all the time. At times, the real culprit is the dou***** of a driver who just wouldn’t mind letting off his frustration on fellow travelers. So, here is a list of different kinds of people who you come across in a traffic jam that will make you question your mere existence.

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Guy who Treats the City Like it is a Dustbin

The 'Swachh Bharat Abhiyan’ is irrelevant and illogical for this kind. They eat during their travel and whatever is left over they keep it with them until they are stuck in a jam. Without even wasting a second they litter the road and act like celebrities. However, for sane people, this sight is not a pleasurable one because watching someone throw off their dirt around can be a big turn off.

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The Honking Guy

These are people who believe in magic because even if there isn’t an inch to move, they still honk away and expect all the traffic to clear. These kinds will honk as soon as they find their speed-o-meter going below the limit which their mind treats as normal. However, the honking, which may be music to their ears, can irritate you beyond limits.

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The Slow Guy

Although finding this kind can be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, when you do spot them, they make a place in your memory forever. This is how it happens:The traffic starts to move after an hour long halt and unfortunately, you happen to be waiting behind this guy. Now when every vehicle on the road starts to move, they start moving at a speed that can give tough competition to a snail. Furthermore, they would make sure that the driver behind them, which today unfortunately is you, does not get enough space to move and his weird ability will soon get you stuck in another traffic jam. Imagine yourself being in a situation where the guy before your car is this guy who moves in snail's speed and the man right behind your car is the aforesaid honking guy. You are surely not making it to office/home in good mood.

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The City is an F1 Track Guy

These people are daredevils and they do not mind showing off their skills even on a busy road. They will be driving on extreme left or right side and suddenly something will strike them and they will want to go to the opposite direction. And once the idea has struck them, there is nothing that can hold them back, not even the jam packed road. They would utilize every inch they have to go across the road, even if that means blocking the entire way for people to move from their positions and end up creating a ruckus on an already busy road.

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The In-Need-of-Speed Guy

Every time this guy sees the traffic ahead of him moving, he would put on his nitrogen boosters to cover the space created by the vehicle right ahead of him, even if it is a distance of few inches. They wouldn’t care about barging into someone’s vehicle. In fact, people like these are one of the primary causes of those ugly dents which you see in most cars.

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The Swearing Guy

This guy may seem to be the most decent from the lot. His branded clothes, expensive watch and super luxurious car can make him appear to be highly sophisticated. However, a traffic jam can bring out his dark side and then all you can think of is Raghu from the Roadies. They would abuse the person who tries to overtake them, who honks at them or someone who tries to bring to their sense the traffic rules. If you have done something which has upset them, you won’t be spared regardless of your gender.

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The Cool Biker

If you drive a car you can surely relate to this. While you are wondering whether your car can make it through a really small space between two other cars ahead of you, a super cool biker appears from nowhere, hits your rare view mirror and through the exact same space disappears into the horizon. Few moments later when you find yourself stuck in the traffic again, another biker will overtake you from an impossibly small space between two cars, giving you a feeling of déjà vu.

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