Manage Weight for your Heart's Happiness

Jun 01, 2018

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    Keeping your Heart Happy

    It is almost a given rule that with age we are supposed to gain weight, and that is simply sad. With age we should in fact be more careful about weight gain because we need to take special care of our hearts. Heart health should be right on top of our priority when we begin to age and a nasty heart disease can be averted if we take care not to increase out weight. Any weight gain can have serious implications on our health, the first being a heart disease. You are at the risk of coronary heart disease, high blood pressure and cholesterol, diabetes and gall bladder disease, gout, arthritis and other joint issues, sleeping problems, including sleep apnoea and certain types of cancer. Hence, take care of your heart now, begin today by following these rules for weight management.
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    Eat Smaller Portions

    It is important to divide your meal well, and not to eat everything at one go. Make sure that you divide you meal in such a way that you are eating all the essential nitrients that your body requires. You should have one quarter of your plate comprising of lean protein such as chicken breast, another quarter should be unrefined grain such as brown rce and one half of it should be full of fresh vegetables.
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    Do not Miss Meals

    Try to eat six meals a day and never skip breakfast. Breakfast is a very important meal for you as this will literally "break your fast" that you were on for the night. Food is the body's fuel, and therefore you should be loading up on all varities of foods. Understanding this basic thing will take you a long way in managing your weight.
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    Include Excess Fiber

    Fiber is an integral part of your body. In order to boost your fiber intake you should choose foods that are whole grain, high fiber breads and cereals. You should eat whole wheat pasta and rice instead of the white variety, and add beans to your meal. When you eat fiber, you full up your stomach faster than what you do with other foods. This will automatically cause you to eat less and therefore control yoru hunger. The good news is that your cholesterol can be lowered with the help of soluble fiber.
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    Calorie Check

    Here is another great way to ensure that you do not put on too much weight. You should consume most of your calories during the first half of the day. Then with the passage of the day you should eat healthy snacks like fruits and nuts so that you do not feel hungry. During the day you remain more active and hence you have more chance of burning the calorie, then as night approaches choose lighter dinners to eat.
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    Stay Active

    If you have a desk job then try to take breaks so that you can move around and in this way remain active. By staying active you happen to make a lot of difference in your life. Therefore, we suggest that you move more and sit less. Take the stairs when climbing floors, and walk more than what you require. You will see that these subtle changes are making a whole lot of difference in your life.
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    Exercise Daily

    All you need is an hour from your daily schedule, and you will strike gold. We are not asking you to join a gym right away and become a body builder, we are implying that you should find the time to atleast run, swim or even do some brisk walking for that matter. Daily exercise is a great boost for you physical and mental needs. Weight issues will be a thing of the past if you can exercise regularly.
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    Avoid Junk Food

    We all love fast foods or junk foods as some may call it. The concern lies in the fact that consuming fast foods lead to an imabalnced amount of macronutrients in your body. That means, too much sugar would lead to obesity and the risk of heart disease is of paramount importance here. Then again, too much salt would raise your blood pressure and that will also lead to heart disease. Then the oil, cheese and the excess of everything that you fast food contains. Very bad for health, so better avoid it.
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    Drink Water

    Something very basic, but is of great importance to you and to everyone esle in your life. Drinking 6 to 8 glasses of water will keep you hydrated and will stop you from comsuming excess food thus you will automaticaly stop to overeat. Therefore, drink water everyday.
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