Weight loss lies we tell ourselves to feel happy

Sep 04, 2015

  • 1

    “I will start from tomorrow”

    You decide to plan your weight loss program, but in the end decide to start it from the next day. It sounds like a stupid excuse, but ironically most of us use it to fool ourselves. Although, the lie sounds nothing like a big deal, however, “tomorrow” never comes as we end up delaying it for the next every day for the next day. If you want to start your weight loss goals, start right away.

  • 2

    “I can eat more as I can make up for it at the gym”

    When people start hitting the gym, the first thing they usually do is to start eating twice as much as ice cream or other such tempting foods as they can. They think that it is superficially okay for them to take so many calories as they are now working out every day in the gym. However, one should eat a balanced and healthy diet to get most out of their workouts.

  • 3

    “I drink tons of water”

    It is important to keep track of your water intake as ample water intake is essential for your body’s functions. However, drinking loads of water or other fluids cannot help you with managing any extra calories you take during the day. So, it is better to start following a strict diet as well as drink lots of water every day.

  • 4

    “I will go on diet the next week”

    People often let themselves be careless about what they eat or how much they eat by convincing themselves with the useless logic of making up for the damage by dieting during the next week or sooner. It is one of few lies that causes double damage to health. Neither does eating unhealthy foods now nor keeping yourself devoid of food later is going to help with your health, especially your weight.

  • 5

    “I will go for an evening run”

    If you are supposed to eat less, but cannot control temptations, you often tell yourself the signature lie that you can eat these dishes and go for a run in the evening to undo the damage. However, even you know that it will not help you. So, better keep your temptations under control and eat a healthy diet. Or better still, treat yourself with your favourite food. Image Source: Getty