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Weight Loss: How do women and men compare?

When it comes to weight loss, men and women have different approach despite a common goal. It is one of the best examples of “Men are from Mars, women are from Venus”.

Weight Management By Himanshu Sharma / Oct 23, 2015


Men are larger and more muscle than women. Genetically, they are designed for more muscle and less fat. This, along with testosterone hormone, works in favour of men to keep fit and get rid of excess fat. Moreover, the higher levels of estrogen keep the fat on a woman's body.

Odds of losing weight

Men have better odds of losing weight. With a little work, women can reach to the ability to lose weight to match men. A male body responds fast to weight loss efforts while women need to put more effort to get their engine revving.

Pear-shaped vs. Apple-shaped body

When it comes to accumulation of fat, women have the health edge over men. Men deposit fat in their midsection while women's excess weight settles below the waist and abdomen. Pear-shaped body has a little health advantage over the apple-shaped body.

Weight loss motivation

Men are more likely to decide their physical activity and decrease food intake on seeing the numbers on weight scale creep up. The motivation factor has to come in play for women to take control of their weight and health.

Weight loss mantra

Weight loss mantra remains the same for both men and women. Find the time to exercise, eat healthy, don't go too long without eating and get adequate sleep. It takes time to lose weight and go steady on your path to healthy weight.



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