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We Bet You Didn’t Know These Ways Oats can Make Your Skin Amazing

Most of us see oats as a healthy dietary option for weight loss. What we don’t know is that oats can prove to be very beneficial for our skin and hair too. Learn how.

Fashion & Beauty By Ariba Khaliq / Jul 28, 2014

The Amazing Oats

As soon as we hear the word “oats,” weight loss is the first thing that comes to our mind. But, the good old oats are way more than a dieter’s delight. This fibrous super food has more than dietary uses. This post will inform you about the versatile nature of oats and ways in which they can be used in your everyday life. Image Courtesy: Getty


Treating Acne

Cooked oats are one of the most convenient remedied for treating acne; they absorb and remove oil along with other bacteria from your skin. So, the next time you cook oats for your breakfast, save some and apply to your face for significantly reduced and healed acne. Image Courtesy: Getty


Protecting against Dry Skin

When you mix oats with water, the polysaccharides in them turn into gelatinous. Soaked oats applied to the face form a protective layer which treats dry skin and its symptoms like peeling and flaky skin. This will also leave your skin soft and supple. Image Courtesy: Getty


Relieving Itchiness

Oats possess anti-inflammatory properties which fight against itchy skin. Doctors recommend people with neurodermatitis, a skin condition that causes severe itchy and inflamed skin, to take oatmeal baths. Image Courtesy: Getty


Moisturising Skin

Cooked oats when applied to skin form a fine film on it because of the beta-gluten present in them. This fine film penetrates deeper into the skin and moisturises it. This also heals abrasions on the skin and improves collagen deposition. Image Courtesy: Getty


Lightening Skin

Many skin-lightening cosmetics use oats in their composition because of the latter’s effective properties. Use it on tanned or sunburnt skin to lighten it and improve the texture and tone. Image Courtesy: Getty


Exfoliating Skin

An exfoliating body scrub with oats and baking soda is very effective and natural. This will not only scrub away dead and dry skin but will also moisturise it, giving it a healthy glow. Image Courtesy: Getty



Oats contain saponins which are natural cleansers, which can effectively remove dirt and oil from the skin’s pores without irritating the skin. Image Courtesy: Getty


Relieving Dry Scalp

Remember, we told you that oats can treat dry body skin? The logic applies to dry scalp too. Apply it on your hair twice or thrice a month to get rid of dry and itchy scalp. Image Courtesy: Getty


Dealing with Dandruff

Mix oats with your massage oil or curd and massage it onto your scalp. Leave it on for 30 minutes and wash hair with the regular shampoo. Following this hair-care regime twice a month will surely solve your dandruff problem. Image Courtesy: Getty


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