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Ways you can Prevent Dead-End Arguments with Your Partner

It doesn’t matter that you win more arguments in a relationship, what really matters is your relationship/marriage. Here's how you can prevent most dead-end arguments.

Snr By Himanshu Sharma / May 05, 2014

Dealing with Arguments in a Relationship

Everyone in a relationship argues! It doesn’t matter that you win more quarrels or you prove yourself right, what really matters is your relationship/marriage. Most dead-end arguments can be prevented. You must realise that you are not alone; you have to think about your partner and the relationship too. (Image source:Getty)

Realise the consequence of your rage behaviour

There is a difference between anger and rage. Anger itself is not destructive, but rage is. A rage full behaviour is when all you want is break things or relationships and burst on your partner. (Image source:Getty)

Deal with it in a safe way

Whenever you get angry, it is better to talk about your feelings. You just need to be verbalized to avoid arguments and your partner will know how you feel. (Image source:Getty)

Take a break

When there is an argument and there seems no way out, you should take a break. Step out of the room and come back when things appear calmer. It is one of the easiest ways to deal with arguments going nowhere. (Image source:Getty)

Find humour in it

It is not dealing with a war of words, but there are fun ways to end it. Find humour in the argument to keep the mood light. When something goes wrong, crack a joke or do anything that will make your partner burst into laughter. (Image source:Getty)

State the disagreement before it causes trouble

Just like you know the points where you agree with your partner, you must take a moment to address the issues where there is a disagreement. Talk about the disagreements and you will prevent many quarrels that may happen. (Image source:Getty)

Raising your voice can hurt your partner

Raising your voice can hurt feelings or can lead to more differences. Don’t raise your voice, settle things with a whisper. If you communicate with a whisper instead of yelling, it significantly reduces the anger factor in their relationships. (Image source:Getty)

Every argument is a threat to your relationship

With every argument, your relationship becomes weaker. Arguments can put partner in a panic mode or is a way to tell them that you want to leave. Do you want to see them sink in depression? Don’t start it in the first place. (Image source:Getty)

Don't stockpile but calm down and talk it out

The solution to quarrels is - calm down and talk it out, but not stockpile. If you have unresolved feelings from past problems, talk about them. (Image source:Getty)

You may win, but it’s a loss

'I'm right!', you may declare a win over your partner in an argument but it doesn’t make things easier for future. Don’t just fixate on who's right or wrong, instead find a solution that strengthens your bonding with the partner.  (Image source:Getty)

Consider physical and emotional effects

The process of anger can badly hit you physically and emotionally. Anger is self destructor; body releases chemicals that may inflict damage in many ways. Learn how to understand your and your partner’s feelings. (Image source:Getty)


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