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Ways to Wake up Happy Everyday

The mood with which you start your day decides your attitude for rest of the day. Wake up with a smile on your face and be positive about life.

Mental Health By Vasudha Bhat / Mar 29, 2014

Wake Up! It's a Brand New Day

How you are going to spend your entire day completely depends on your mood with which your start it. The first thought which comes to your mind when you wake up regulates your mood and attitude towards rest of the things which will come your way as the day proceeds.
So, make sure you wake up happy everyday and feel positive about your existence. Here are few tips which help you in achieving the task.

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Wake up with a Smile

It is a new day. Leave behind the worries of past and be positive about the day so that you welcome all new opportunities with a smile. This will also give you the strength to endure the challenges.

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Believe that Something Good will to you Happen Today

Believe that something amazing is going to happen with you today. Have faith that your destiny has in-stored happiness in abundance for you.

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Forget the Past, Live your Present

Leave the worries of past and live your present. Enjoy each moment as if there were tomorrow. Search for opportunities to be happy.

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Wake up and See Flowers

Make sure you have placed flowers near your bed so that the first thing in the morning you see is that bunch flowers. Studies have shown that seeing flowers early morning gives a lift to your mood.

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Avoid Snoozing

When you snooze, your brain goes into a state of deep slumber once again and this makes you feel even more tired when you wake up. If you wake up when your alarm rings the first time, you will feel fresher and happier.

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Imagine the Day Ahead

Once you are up, close your eyes and picture your entire day. Think positive and this will give you a boost to start your day with a cheerful mood.

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Wake up with a Splash of Sunlight on your Face

Place your bed in a way that the sunlight directly falls on your face. Have breakfast while sitting beside a window. This will promote wakefulness in you and you will be recharged for the day ahead.

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Finish Your Day with a Feeling of Gratitude

Show gratitude towards all the good things which happened to you throughout the day and most importantly by thankful to almighty for letting you live another day.

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Prepare Yourself to be Happy the Next Day

Even if something has troubled you all day long, make sure that you prepare yourself to wake up happy the next morning. Tell yourself that everything is going to be fine the next morning.

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Approach People with Positivity

Treat people the way you would like to be treated.  Understand that they too are human beings and they too have desires. Approach them with a smile and offer them a helping hand.

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