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Ways to quit negative thinking

Negativity can catch you off guard whenever it likes. Thankfully, you can escape unharmed if you know the right path. Here is how you can do it.

Mind Body By Vasudha Bhat / Jun 25, 2015

Kill the monster

Negativity is like a monster. When you are all set to witness your plans coming to fruition, the monster takes over your thoughts andbrings out pain. Suddenly, you stop living the present and all the energy stored in your body is drained away. Thankfully, you can prevent the monster from throwing a spanner on your life. Here is how you can do it.


If you try to meditate at home, you may end up with some distracted sessions. Therefore, joining a yoga class is advisable. Yoga and meditation will relax and ease your mind, making you travel back to the present and ward off negativity.


The more you do it, the farther you get from negativity. If you can’t find many moments during the day that can make you smile, force yourself to stretch those facial muscles in front of a mirror.

Having positive surroundings

You may find negative people in your office or at your home. So, whenever you are trapped with such people, try to call up a person who gives you positive perspective towards everything in life.

Change the tone of thoughts

Rephrasing the formation of your sentences in the mind can play an important role in transforming you from a negative person to one exuding positivity. Instead of thinking ``it is a difficult journey ahead’’, think ``I will face some challenges on this journey’’.

You aren’t a victim

Your life is what you make it, so stop playing a victim. If you keep telling yourself that you are a victim of cruel situations, you are never going to find a way out.

Offer help

For once, try not to focus on yourself and think about helping someone else. Donate food or money, help a blind man find his path or simply give a needy child some toys to play with. These acts of kindness will fill you with positivity.

Move forward

Your mistakes can make you feel terrible and they should because that is the only way you can learn lessons. However, once the lesson is learnt, move on. Don’t keep dwelling on your mistakes.

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