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Organise Yourself in 1 Minute with these Simple Tricks

Organising the place you live in gives you immense satisfaction and helps you start your day on a positive note. Learn the tricks, here.

Mental Health By Vasudha Bhat / Jun 11, 2014

Be Organised

Streamlining everything in your life is a must. At times you will not realize but, being organised can provide solutions to a lot of your problems. Many of us think that staying organised requires a lot of time. But, the fact of the matter is that you pull off things to settle in an organised manner in a jiffy. There are many ways in which you can organise everything at office as well as at your home and it will not take more than a minute. Let’s know how.

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Prepare a List

Make a list of things which are of no use to you. Such things must be shown the exit door soon. You must retain only the stuff which is of use to you.

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Right Things at the Right Place

After finalising the right stuff for your household, the next step is to decide the right corner to place them. When your things are at the right place you will instantly find them when their need arises. This will save a lot time and energy as you will not have to search every corner of your house for that one little thing.

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Don’t Stuff your House with Useless Utilities

There are things which you barely use and they cover up a lot of useful area of your house. Such things must be thrown out of the house.

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Dispose off the Junk from your Laptop

When you check meticulously, you will find a lot of folders in your laptop which hold junk material. Delete such files from the desktop or save them in a different folder.

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Delete Unwanted E-mails

Just like your mobile phone, your mailbox will also have a lot of messages which are of no use to you. Delete them right away and make a folder for the mails which are important for you.

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Organising the Fridge

For you, your refrigerator may be the safest place on earth to store the leftovers. But, that does not mean that your refrigerator can keep your food fresh for eternity. There probably are food items in your fridge that had turned bad a long ago. But, your faith in your fridge does not let you throw away the waste. However, the fact remains, the food which is no more good to eat should find a place in your bin and not in your fridge.

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Manage your Wardrobe

Your closet is most likely filled with clothes which you have not used for more than a decade. All they are doing is piling up on space and cluttering. Check properly and you will find a few t-shirts that have been bitten by bites or a sock that cannot be re-united with its pair. Get rid of such things and make your closet clutter-free.

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Organise the Book Shelf

The book you love will always hold a special place in your heart. You love to read them over and over. Having a collection of such books is a wise decision. However, there will be a few magazines and books which you hardly pick to read. Remove them from your book shelf.

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Organise the First Aid Box

Not organising the first aid box will create havoc during medical emergency. You must check which medicines you need often and make sure that they are in the first aid box. Also, there can be medicines in the box which have crossed their expiry date. Throw them away right now as consuming them can have serious effects on your health.

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Have a Clean Bedroom and Washroom

Having a clean bedroom and washroom is very important. A clean bedroom can become source of positive energy for you. Remove all the unwanted stuff from your bedroom and decorate it as much as you can. Your washroom must be a hygienic place. Remove all the emptied bottles and wrappers. Clean the dustbin regularly and have your washroom wiped twice a day.

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