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12 Ways to get bigger

How will your efforts pay off when you are doing all the wrong things? Here is what you need to do to make yourself bigger.

Exercise & Fitness By Editorial Team / Jan 09, 2014

What you need to do to make yourself bigger

You may think it is a cake walk to get bigger and stronger but it isn’t so. You have been working out for long, but there hasn’t been much of an improvement in terms of muscles. How will your efforts pay off when you are doing all the wrong things? Here is what you need to do to make yourself bigger.

Eat more proteins

You have to fill up on proteins to bulk up those muscles. Proteins are the building blocks of muscle; incorporate more protein sources in your diet to assist in muscle rebuilding and recovery process.

Don't cut on carbs

When you add more proteins to your diet, don’t cut on carbohydrates. Carbs are a hormone-balancing nutrient that maximises your gains after workouts.

Use dumbbells

Instead of barbell exercises, do more work with dumbbells. Dumbbell exercises presses open the chest and recruit more muscle fibres. Besides bigger biceps, dumbbell workout helps sculpt a body better.

Work your back

One of the most common muscle groups that are focused while working out are the biceps and chest. Too much training of those muscles can cause injury or imbalances. To balance and avoid injuries, work your back.


Get a good night’s sleep. Most of your growth hormone release in a day comes during sleep. Most enthusiasts don’t realise it but sleep and muscle growth have a connection.

Do high-intensity training

Aerobic and cardio exercise are fine to get the blood flowing, but you need more than that to get bigger. High intensity workout elevates the testosterone levels throughout the body, to make muscles bigger.

Don't stop yourself

If you are doing 100 reps for an exercise for quite some time, don’t get stuck there. Jump to 100. In the worst-case scenario, you may not be able to do it. Try again the next day.

Take creatine

Creatine can help you build muscle mass. Moreover, the increased amount of creatine in the body slows the possibility of fatigue and helps you work out for longer.

Be consistent

Muscle building is no easy game, you have to be determined. Going to the gym for two days and then missing for the next three days won’t make you bigger. You must plan your workout. You can train on alternate days, but be consistent.

Keep stress at bay

Stress has a role in muscle-building. Stress causes to release cortisol, a stress-hormone that inhibits muscle-building and promotes muscle breakdown. Keep stress at a minimum to maximise your workout results.

Always warm up

You have to prepare your body every time you lift or engage in high-intensity exercise. Warm up before working out to prevent injuries and take care of your joints, ligaments and tendons.


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