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Ways to Fix 10 Common Beauty Flaws

Most of us aren’t happy with our one or the other facial features. Here are some make-up tricks with which you can easily camouflage your beauty flaws without much effort.

Fashion & Beauty By Ariba Khaliq / Jul 02, 2014

If You Could, Which Facial Feature Would You Change?

Plastic surgery is a darling to Bollywood actresses so much that leaves us poor city residents with a 9 to 5 job baffled.  While some go under the needle and come out looking even more beautiful, other plastic surgeries go seriously awry. But you don't have to go under the knife to camouflage your "flaws”. We have put together the biggest "beauty flaws" women complain about and how to fix them. Image Courtesy: Getty


The Nose(y) Affair

Fat, long, crooked, whatever your nose looks like, and you have always been very open about not liking it. Don’t worry, you can easily fix the way your nose looks without getting a nose job done. Contouring or highlighting your nose with just a few sweeps of bronzer and a highlighting pen can trick the eye and make your nose appear thinner. Image Courtesy: Getty


Hooded Eyes

Eyelids that aren’t smooth and visible make your eyes look hooded. Don't use dark eyeshadows. Instead, opt for medium to light blends of color. You can also bring out eyes with false eyelashes or eyelash extensions. Image Courtesy: Getty


Thin Lips

Wearing a lip gloss can make your small, thin lips look plumper. There are amazing contouring tricks you can do to make your lips appear fuller. Image Courtesy: Getty


Round Face

If you want to downplay the roundness of your face, you can attempt to bring out your cheekbones with bronzer. Play up your eyes with makeup and keep the overall look natural without overdoing it. Image Courtesy: Getty


Pale Skin

Embrace it if you have porcelain skin. Just get into a habit of wearing sunscreen everyday whether it rains or shines. Light, porcelain skin is prone to sun’s damaging effects. Image Courtesy: Getty



It’s almost impossible to cover up freckles without ending up with a "cake face”. Apply fresh lemon juice on the affected skin and gently massage the area. Leave it on for 10 to 15 minutes and then rinse it off with lukewarm water. Do this twice a day. Image Courtesy: Getty


Crooked Teeth

Avoid bold lipsticks so that it doesn’t bring attention to your teeth. Instead, play up your eyes as pretty as you can. Affordable clear braces are a huge hit among adults with crooked teeth. Image Courtesy: Getty


Big Eyes

You are lucky to have naturally big eyes. For big blue eyes, wear blue top or dress but not blue eye shadows. Jeweled colours can help you make a statement if you have big brown eyes. Image Courtesy: Getty


Saggy Chin

Ageing can cause excessive growth of chin hair, turkey wattle, or a double chin. Either way, you might want to conceal what's going on under the neck with plastic surgery or liposuction under your chin. You also might get a facelift. Image Courtesy: Getty


Acne Scars

You can disguise a concave scar by using an angled brush dipped in a concealer that's a shade lighter than your skin tone. Fill in the center of the pockmark without going over the edges and then dust skin with translucent powder. If the scar is raised, use a concealer that matches your skin tone and pat the scar with the concealer, setting the concealer with powder. Image Courtesy: Getty


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