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Techniques to Pump up your Brain and Augment Memory Skills

It is said that a human being uses only 5-7 percent of his total brain strength in the entire life. But, you can expand this percentage by exercising the brain.

Mental Health By Vasudha Bhat / Jun 23, 2014

Learning is a Process

Learning is a process which keeps going on. It is the most important skill that a person can acquire and this is what differentiates a human being from its other living counterparts. Hence, improving this skill becomes of utmost importance for all us. Here are some ways in which you can boost your skills in locking memory and decipher things faster and better.

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Link Things Up

Link up things which you already know with new things which you are going to learn. Example: if you already know how that ``either’’ is spelled as ``ei’’ and not ``ie’’, you can link it up with ``neither’’ and learn how to spell it.

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When you repeat something in your head, it gets fixed in your mind. Repeat the words in your mind or write them down over and over. This will help you to memorize the words.

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Use Tricks

If you are trying to remember a sequence, use some memory tricks. Example: for memorizing the order of the planets, you can create a jog saying `My Very Educated Mother Just Showed Us Nine Planets’. The first letter of every word will help you memorize the names of planets.

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Use Cards

When you want to remember important historic dates, vocabularies, formulae, etc. you can use flash cards to write them down and quickly brush through them whenever you need to.

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Music has the ability to stick to your mind because of its rhythmic nature. Use the tune of your favourite song and insert the facts which you want to remember. This will help you remember the facts for a long time.

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Visualize What you Read

When you visualize as you read, the picture stays in your memory for a long time. As you read, keep imagining how the things in text look, smell, or taste.

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When you relate the text with real life examples, it becomes convenient for the brain to recall the incident.

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