Ways to Become Irresistible to Women

Mar 10, 2014

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    The Magic Wand

    Every man has at one time or another wished for a magic wand which would instantly turn him into the most charming, irresistible, sensual hunk. Yes, life would be good with a wand, or a word, or with a simple charismatic behaviour that wouldn't go wrong with the ladies. Check out these top 10 ways right here to become irresistible to the women you dream about. Image Courtesy: Getty Images


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    Being Romantic

    From buying flowers to lighting candles- everything is romance. It’s about loving a woman for the person she is, encompassing her surface. You must recognise the opportunity to drop a perfect compliment at the right moment. A guy who thinks of his girl and not just himself is much more irresistible. Image Courtesy: Getty Images


  • 3

    Giving Her Attention

    Remember, women like attention? Try “I was thinking about you today" or "I just wanted to mention that I really like hearing your voice on the phone.” She will understand that she means to you a lot and this, my friend, is a very powerful way to become irresistible to women. Image Courtesy: Getty Images


  • 4

    Being Confident

    Do you really want us to tell you the power of confidence? Women prefer confident men to nervous ones. But, don’t take your confidence too far; it will come off as arrogance. And arrogance is as big a turn-off like confident is a turn on. Image Courtesy: Getty Images


  • 5

    Being Adventurous

    Don’t just say no to all her ideas and be a buzz-kill. Try new things, even if its a new colour for your shirt, or a new restaurant, or dancing a little with her. Don’t cause her to wish that the guy she was with was a bit more adventurous. Image Courtesy: Getty Images


  • 6

    Being Unpredictable

    A no-brainer it is. Do you eat the same thing for lunch daily or watch the same film every time you go to the theatre? So, why give your woman a chance to predict every single thing you ever do? No, don’t dye your hair out of the blue but challenge her to a race down the stairs. Image Courtesy: Getty Images


  • 7

    Being Thoughtful

    Gifts show women that you were thinking about them and you want to make them happy. But you don’t always need an expensive gift to show your care. A truly thoughtful gift keeping in mind the little details about her likings will make her swoon in happiness. Image Courtesy: Getty Images


  • 8

    Being Dominant

    Most women are subconsciously attracted to dominant men. In fact, dominant males in some primate groups account for up to 75% of all the mating. But, it doesn’t mean you can be overly aggressive, pushy or rude. Image Courtesy: Getty Images


  • 9


    Smiling says that you’re a positive, optimistic person. That you’re a person who has fun and enjoys life. That you’re confident. That you’re mature, expressive, and don’t hide your feelings. What women wouldn’t be attracted to all these qualities? Image Courtesy: Getty Images


  • 10

    Showing Class


    Be a man of class by keeping a few simple details and gestures in mind. For example, make sure your shoes and belt match. Learn a little about wine or foreign movies. Broaden your musical taste. Hold open doors for her. Trust us, women really notice this stuff. Image Courtesy: Getty Images


  • 11

    Sounding Smart

    No, don’t rush to learn rocket science to sound smart. Be it sharing your passion for sports with your buddies, or some handy computer skills that she could use; she should hear you talking about the things you’re good at. This will show her what you’re capable of.  Image Courtesy: Getty Images



  • 12

    Being Humorous

    Yes yes we know, you knew about it but forgot. Remember it now. Humour is one of the fastest, most powerful ways to attract a woman; it works like magic. Make a woman laugh- a genuine laugh and however unattainable she might seem, she is already considering you. Image Courtesy: Getty Images