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Ways to Lose Weight from Hips

Scroll down the slideshow to get some of the best and simple ways to reduce weight from the hips.

Weight Management By Meenakshi Chaudhary / Jun 11, 2013

Weight Training

Perform a weight-training circuit on non-consecutive days, and include exercises for all the major muscle groups. Do two sets of each exercise. Weight training will help you lose the extra fat stored in your hips.



Cycling is one of the easiest and best ways to reduce hips since it can be done outdoors on a regular bicycle or indoors on a stationary bike. Leg weights can be added to increase your rate of fat burn. All you need to do is just keep up a steady pace for at least 30 minutes.



One of the handy ways to lose weight from hips is squats. Squats work the major muscle groups of the gluteals, hamstrings, and quadriceps. Stand with your feet shoulder length apart, squat until your hips are level with your knees, and return to standing position without over-extending your knees.


Leg Exercises

Exercises like plies, jump squats and traveling squats with a resistance band will really tone your hips and thighs. Use your hip muscles to step your right foot sideways into a squat. Feel your hip and thigh muscles working as you stand back up and move your left foot to meet your thigh.


Jog for at least 45 to 50 minutes a day. Keep up a fast pace and you will maximize your calorie and fat burn. You can also add weight by wearing a weighted vest that will enable you to burn more calories and build stamina.


To do this exercise, lie on your back on the floor, lift your legs up and move them in a scissor-like motion. Do this for at least two to three minutes. Pilate’s scissors exercise tones the hip flexor muscles and helps one lose weight from hips and thighs.

Resistance Bands

For best results, lie on the floor on your side, place a resistance band around your ankles, lift your leg in the air and lower it until it touches the other leg. Do this exercise for two to three minutes. You will feel some effects directly on your hip.


Engage in cardio exercises that focus on your hips and thighs. Although, such exercises won't cause direct weight loss in the hips and thighs, it will add to the tone of these muscles and improve the results that you can get from other exercises.


Healthy Diet

Avoid high-calorie foods such as soda or other sugary drinks and eat a high percentage whole grains, fruits, lean meats and vegetables. Maintain a healthy diet and don't take in any extra calories.



Motivate yourself to lose all the extra fats from your hips. All it needs are some consistent efforts. Keep reminding yourself what your aim is to achieve and that you should never miss on your exercise schedule.


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