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Warning Signs of Sexual Incompatibility

Sexually compatibility is very important for any relationship to last longer. However, some problems can or situations can raise warning signs of sexual incompatibility.

Snr By Meenakshi Chaudhary / Apr 08, 2014

Compatibility Matters

Sexually compatibility is very important for a relationship to last longer, especially in a marriage. However some problems can or situations can raise warning signs of sexual incompatibility. Here are some of those symptoms.

Poor Sex Drive

Experiencing poor sex drive? A poor sex drive in a partner can be a sign of poor sexual compatibility in the relationship. The poor sex drive however can also be a result of a medical condition or stress. Take the loss of sex drive seriously and try to figure out the reason behind it.


While stress from work, or financial troubles can take a toll on your sex life, poor sexual compatibility with your partner can also leave you stressed. Manage your stress and work towards having a better sexual relationship with your partner.


Depression can also be another sign of your sexually incompatible relationship. It can even further worsen the compatibility problem and even kill your libido

Relationship Problem

Poor sexual compatibility can also reflect in your daily behavior towards your partner. Less sex in a relationship can often come up as relationship problems. Image Courtesy : Getty Images

Sexual Inhibitions

When one of you is too reluctant to try anything new with the partner it will eventually reduce the interest of the partner as well. This can be a simple sign of sexual incompatibility or the lack of chemistry between the partners. Image Courtesy : Getty Images

Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction (ED) in men is usually a medical condition however the reason behind could be completely emotional. Lack of attraction and sexual compatibility between partners can result in ED in male partner. Image Courtesy: Getty Images


If a partner prefers to sleep next to a partner in mood, then it could be due to the lack of sexual compatibility or the desire for sex. However if the partner is just too tired then be patient and wait until tomorrow. Image Courtesy: Getty Images

Communication Problems

If your partner is uncomfortable or unable to discuss sex with you, it could be a warning sign of sexual incompatibility between you two. However it can also be due to a strict religious upbringing or reserved nature, so give your partner some support and time to open up. Image Courtesy: Getty Images

Less Sex

The most obvious sign of sexual incompatibility is that your marriage has become sexless, Take these warning sign seriously and try to work on your relationship with your partner. Image Courtesy: Getty Images


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