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Wardrobe Changes Every Man should make to Appear Slimmer

No matter what the occasion is, even men like to look good, which is directly related to looking slimmer. However, getting rid of extra weight on your body does not happen overnight. So, here are some changes that you can make in your wardrobe to loo

Fashion & Beauty By Vasudha Bhat / Jan 12, 2015

Good Looks are for Men Too!

Charming looks and an attractive personality is not only for a woman. Whether it is a date, job interview or just a casual outing with friends, a man wishes too to carry a pleasing personality. Looking slim plays an important role in appearing pleasing to people. Hence, you must do whatever it takes to accomplish it. The most obvious way to get rid of the extra pounds is to eat healthy and exercise regularly. However, the shape that you desire cannot be attained overnight. So, why not look for some changes in the way you cover yourself to look slimmer?

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Wear Dark Coloured Clothes

You may have come across this a zillion times, and the truth is that black does help you look slimmer. Call it an optical illusion, black can team up with anything you wear and can make you look slimmer. Wear a tightly fitting shirt and combine it with a black shirt over it and you will see a dramatic change in the way your torso appears, especially the mid-section.

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Never Skip a Belt

Wearing belt does not mean that you cinch it around your waist to hold in an out-of-shape belly. Use a belt to make sure that your pants fit better. If you wear pants that fit better and are sticking to your body properly, your body built starts to appear slimmer automatically.

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Avoid Tucking in Shirt

Whenever you find an opportunity to dress up casually, do it. When you tuck in your shirt into your pants, it worsens the problem in your upper body area by contouring the shirt. However, if you let the shirt hang off, the shirt will not cling to the flabby areas thus, will not draw attention to them.

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Don’t Wear Prints, Stripes and Bright Colors

If you have bulging love handles or a fat belly, you must not wear something that draws attention to these problematic areas. Wearing a shirt with colourful prints over it will not divert people’s attention from the problem areas. It is a well-known fact that horizontal stripes must be avoided but remember that vertical stripes don’t help either. Vertical stripes draw attention to your flabby areas which you must avoid. A bright yellow or pink shirt will draw attention to your torso.

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Don’t Make your Pockets Bulky

Men usually have the habit of stuffing their cell phones, wallets and keys inside their pockets. This makes the pocket appear bulky and can draw attention to the mid-section. When the midsection becomes large and attracts attention towards it, you by no means can appear slimmer.

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Choose Monochromatic Colours

Choose medium to dark coloured layered shirt and pant with a different coloured hoodie or sports coat. Wear a khaki shirt or a fine knit turtleneck and pant along with a warm chocolate brown jacket to hide your fat areas.

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Do not Wear Low Waists

It is a common belief that low waists can make you appear slimmer. However, the truth is that you can only look slimmer if you wear pants around your natural waistline. Low waists can make your love handles and fat belly bulge out giving your body an ugly shape.

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