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Walk to burn calories

Walking is a great exercise; there is no doubt about it. With a 30-minute session of this simple and enjoyable physical activity, you can burn considerable number of calories and fire those extra pounds that you wish to shed. Here’s how you can walk

Exercise & Fitness By Ariba Khaliq / Oct 29, 2014

Burn More Calories Walking

The easiest fitness mantra you ask, we say walking. It’s an easy-to-do exercise which has a low impact on body and therefore, is a great option for almost everyone to make progress towards their weight loss goals. Not just weight loss, but walking also helps your blood pressure levels, type 2 diabetes risk and endorphin release. The American College of Sports Medicine recommends that healthy adults get 150 minutes of moderately-intense aerobic activity over 3-5 sessions and walking fits the bill perfectly. With the following ways, you can burn more calories while walking.

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Walk Farther

The further you walk the more calories you burn. Increase your distance by adding on time to your workout gradually. Also, swing your arms vigorously while walking which helps you move faster and hence burn 15 percent more calories.

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Walk on Incline

Walking on inclined planes is one of the easiest ways to boost your calorie-burn. Walking on an incline will help you burn 50 percent more calories; so conquer the hills. The varying inclines and declines of the hills will work your muscles in different ways and burn more calories than walking on a flat surface.

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Add Intervals

Additional calories can easily be torched by interval training. Walk at a higher intensity for one minute and then a low-to-moderate intensity for two minutes. Follow this interval training during the whole walk.  The intervals will increase your heart rate and therefore, your calorie burn.

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Increase Your Pace

When you walk at a speed of 4km/hr, you burn 90 calories in 30 minutes. But walking at a brisker pace of 6km/hr can make you torch 122 calories in the same time. This difference may seem small but will add up over time to help you lose considerable weight.

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Take Smaller Steps

Calorie-burn occurs fastest when you take short but quick steps while walking. Count your steps when you walk and take a break for a minute after every 100 steps. With time, try to decrease your break time by five seconds after every round.

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Add Variety

Change your strides to work different muscles and get your heart rate up. Do lunges while you walk, walk on your toes or walk backwards. You can also take five-minute breaks to do simple moves like push-ups to get more muscles involved.

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Right Posture and Shoes

Shoes with minimum cushioning and maximum flexibility provide great power walks. Plus, while walking, you must align your body so that the back and butt muscles are used more. This will help you walk faster and burn more calories. Stand straight keeping your spine tall and your ears and shoulders aligned over your hips.

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