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Uses of Wonder Jelly for your Skin and Hair

Petroleum jelly could be an answer for almost all your skin and hair woes. A small amount of jelly can work wonders for your skin and hair. Here are some of its wonderful uses.

Skin Care By Vasudha Bhat / Nov 10, 2014

The Wonder Jelly!

Small petroleum jelly bottles stacked in your dressing table drawer could be the one-stop solution to almost all your skin and hair troubles. This effective beauty product does not burn a hole in your pocket yet, gives you the flawless skin and lustrous hair which you have always dreamt of.

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Hydration of Lips

If you find chap sticks or lip balms not working for your cracked lips, start applying a thin layer of petroleum jelly twice in a day. It will hydrate and moisturize your lips and will give them a natural shine.

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Moisturizing Feet

Cracked hands and feet could be a real big cause of embarrassment. Not only they look unpleasant but, they can make the skin feel dry and painful. But, petroleum jelly can come to your rescue. Apply a good amount of jelly on your feet and hands at night to get rid of the flaky skin. To intensify the moisturizing process wear socks before going to sleep.

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Keeping Finger and Cuticles Spotless

Messy fingers and cuticles may be common sight for many women after applying nail paint. However, if you apply petroleum jelly in and around the finger nail and on the cuticles, it will keep them moisturized hence, avoiding unnecessary mess while applying nail polish.

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Base for Home Made Exfoliators

For almost all homemade exfoliators, petroleum jelly works as an excellent base. Add some salt and sugar to the jelly and apply a layer on your lips. This will remove the dead skin cells.

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Naturally Glowing Face

If you wish to have a fresh and dewy look on your face, apply some petroleum jelly. Put some jelly on your fingertips and start applying on your brow bones and cheek bones. This will help you highlight your features naturally.

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Getting Rid of Split Ends

Applying a thin coat of petroleum jelly can help you get rid of split ends and can smoothen you hair. Take a small amount and apply it on the tips. Avoid massaging it into the hair.

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To Make Perfume Last Longer

Does the fragrance of your favourite perfume fades away in a jiffy? Let petroleum jelly come to your rescue. Apply a small amount of jelly on your pulse, i.e. behind your ears, wrists, ankles and your knees before spraying the perfume.

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