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Uses and benefits of cow urine gomutra

People scrunch their noses in disgust when they hear the name, Cow urine or “Gau-mootra” as commonly referred by Indians but they might not be aware of the benefits that Cow’s urine has. It has the power to heal even the most critical health problems

Ayurveda By Namrata Dutta / Feb 25, 2016


The wonderful germicidal power is capable of killing all classes of germs efficiently. The diseases that are born out of germs can be killed.

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Healer of tri-dosas

As per Ayurveda, all the disease is born because of disturbed tri-dosas, which are mucous, air and bile. Cow urine said to have powers to balance tri-dosas and cure diseases.

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Good for liver

Cow urine is beneficial for a working liver that in turn make healthy pure blood and gives disease defiance power to body.

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Improved immunity

It helps you have a better, enhanced immunity, which helps you stay illness free.

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The natural minerals

Cow urine is enriched in copper and gold salts that can help you balance mineral scarcity and helps your body fight against disease.

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