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Upen Patel: Exercise is my stress buster

Supermodel turned actor, Upen Patel, has a physique to die for. Post his television stint in Bigg Boss and a significant role in Shankar's I, Upen is one of the most sought after models in the country. In this interview, he reveals a few secrets abou

Exercise & Fitness By Janhavi Samant / Nov 06, 2015

What's your fitness mantra?

My fitness mantra is to eat right, train hard, and sleep well.

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What kind of fitness routine do you usually follow?

My fitness routine includes weight training, cardio and boxing. Currently I weight train for 3 days in a week. But I do cardio all 7 days a week and boxing twice a week.

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What does fitness mean to you and why is it important?

Fitness is part of my lifestyle and it is important to me as it is my stress buster.

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One thing/activity you enjoy most in your workout.

The workout for chest is my favourite, probably because it's the strongest part of my body.

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One thing in your workout that you find boring.

I'm not a big fan of cardiovascular exercises, but my music gets me through. (smiles)

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How do you motivate yourself?

I motivate myself every day. I am my own motivation. I know that to get the best, I have to go beyond myself. That pushes me.

How do you supplement your diet with your workout?

I have six small meals through the day and I supplement my diet with a zero carb protein shake once in the morning and once after my workout. I depend very less on supplements and try to eat as much natural food as I can.

A fitness tip for your fans.

Fitness is all about eating right. So control your food, and you control your body.

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