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Untold myths you must know about food with carbs

There are a number of misconceptions adhered to a diet rich in carbs. People say bread and pasta are high in carbs while the truth is that there are other foods such as dairy products and nuts that are also rich in carbs. Now, today let’s break all t

Exercise & Fitness By Namrata Dutta / May 04, 2016

Cut down pasta, cereal, potatoes and rice

People say that food items like rice, potatoes, breads, cereals are high in carbs while the truth is that although breads, rice and cereals etc. have carbs in them, other foods like nuts, seeds, beans, vegetables, fruits, beans also have fair amount of carbohydrates in them.

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Cereals are great for heart

While the entire world believes that cereals are the best choice for breakfast and are a great source of sugar and fat. There are cereals that are high in carbohydrates and the intake of carbs increases with additional milk and sugar.

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Cutting down on pasta and cereals won’t help

Well, although people believe that pasta, bread and cereal are greatly enriched with carbs, cutting down on these food with carbs won’t help as along with carbs they are also fairly abundant in vitamins and minerals. So cutting down on these foods is about following carbohydrate myths and nothing else. Image: Getty

High on carbs and high on fibers

There are a number foods with carbs that are also high on fiber and your body requires a diet rich in fiber. If you cut down on foods like flax seeds, broccolis, nuts and so on, you will be cutting down on sources of fiber.

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Carbs make you fat

One of the most cliché carbohydrate myths is that they make you gain weight while the truth is that they are effective in weight control. Food with carbs are often rich in fibers and job of fiber is to keep you full for a long time, making you eat less.

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