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Unknown side effects of getting facials

Beauty isn’t always a god gifted thing, sometimes parlors help. Yes, every second day women visit parlors to have a beautiful skin and facial is one of the most in-demand processes to have a soft and supple skin. At parlors, there are different kind

Fashion & Beauty By Namrata Dutta / Jun 02, 2016

It can cause itching

There are times when the solutions, creams and other cosmetics used for facial massage have high concentration of chemicals that are sometimes very harsh on your skin. The chemicals can damage your epidermis that could lead to irritation and itching.

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Can give you blotches

Since, facial massage requires exfoliation and scrubbing of skin. If someone is getting her facial session done on regular basis, the process of exfoliation can strip the skin off its natural oils and moisture and also can damage the outer layer of the skin, turning your complexion look spotty.

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It can cause redness

One of the common side effects of facial is that it can cause inflammation on skin. Yes, certain strong chemicals used in facial can be too strong or there could be a possibility that it won’t suit your skin type and can cause redness, inflammation and swelling on the skin.

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It can also cause acne

There are people that have complained of getting acnes and pimples after facial sessions. Side effects of facial massage include acne as well. The main cause of acne and pimple after a facial session is that after facial, the pores on the skin open up and regulate the production of sebum, if skin toning has not been done. The open pores allow the dust to enter skin and cause pimple.

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It can cause allergies

There are more than hundred types of facials and every different type of facial makes use of different products. Now, people have different skin types and different skin types have different requirements. Some content in facial products may cause itching, blisters, rashes etc.

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It can also scar

There is a process where the beauticians remove blackhead and make use of thier fingers and certain tools to extract the blackheads and impurities out of your skin. This process can actually cause you to have scars.

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Disturbs the pH balance of your skin

People that regularly go to facial can lose the moisture from their skin and disturb the pH balance of your skin, leaving your skin dry.

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