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Unknown Health Benefits of Henna

Henna is a powerful medicinal herb that has been used in the treatment of hair and scalp problems. Here are the other lesser-known benefits of henna.

Home Remedies By Meenakshi Chaudhary / Jan 27, 2014


Henna is a popular herb which offers several medicinal benefits. Apart from being used for hair, henna has been used as a medicinal plant over the centuries because of its many health benefits.

Good for Skin

The herb offers amazing astringent properties that are used to treat various types of rashes such as those caused by ringworm as well as athletes foot. Henna can offer several health benefits to your skin which also includes protection from the sun.

Cooling Agent

Henna is known to be an excellent cooling agent. It is applied to scrapes and burns and can lower the body's temperature while suffering from high fever or to treat heat exhaustion.

Henna for Hair

Henna is popularly used to repair the hair cuticle which in turn prevents the breakage of hair and also helps in retaining its shine.

Hair Fall

Another benefit of henna is that it helps in retaining  the pH balance of the scalp, preventing premature hair fall. It also acts as an effective natural cure against dryness, dandruff as well as premature graying.

Nail Care

Henna is used to prepare water with soaked henna leaves which can be used for treating cracking nails. Henna is also used as a poultice to treat pus-filled swellings, mange and scabies.

Protects Liver

Another less known yet very helpful benefit of heena is the protective care it provides for the liver. The bark of henna plant is known to be effective in the treatment of enlargement of liver as well as jaundice.

Cures Headaches

Henna is also known to be effective against headaches that may have been caused on account of heat strokes. Applying henna paste on the temples can provide quick relief from headache.

Hair Quality

Henna offers loosening and softening effect on hair. Henna adds some weight to the hair strands and helps hair look even better due to natural gravity.


Henna is naturally antifungal and antibacterial in nature, which can offer effective anti-dandruff and scaly scalp treatment to your skin.


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