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Unknown facts about cancer cells

Cancer cells are different from normal cells in various ways. And there are many unknown facts about cancer cells that may come as surprise to you.

Cancer By Himanshu Sharma / Sep 17, 2015

Cancer cells hide in the body

These cells can hide among healthy cells and avoid attack from the body's immune system. The tumours can sometimes appear as healthy tissues and not cancerous. Even during chemotherapy, cancer cells can hide in compartments in the body and make treatment ineffective.

Escape programmed cell death

Cancer cells can escape programmed cell death, also known as apoptosis. It is because of gene mutation that cancer cells lose their ability to detect DNA damage and thus, don’t self-destruct.

Various shapes of cancer cells

Cancer cells have an ability to change shape. They undergo changes so as to avoid immune system defences, and also to guard against radiation therapy and chemotherapy.

Craving for sugar

Cells have a hunger for sugar. But for cancer cells, it is more like craving. Cancer cells have six to ten times more insulin receptors than normal cells. When you have lower insulin levels, you may be able to keep cancer away.

Abnormal lactic acid production

All cells produce lactic acid. Cancer cells produce forty times more lactic acid than normal cells. It is because of the abnormal production of lactic acid that you experience muscle fatigue and post-exercise muscle soreness more.

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