Unexpected Places where you will Find Happiness

Apr 28, 2014

  • 1

    Where to Look for Happiness

    Everyone wants to be happy, and everyone deserves it. The pursuit of happiness is not that simple. If you are looking for happiness, don’t look for it in material bounty. There are deeper aspects to happiness, one that scientists cannot measure. (Image source:Getty)

  • 2

    Family and Friends

    Your family and friends circle is where you find the deepest love. In other words, the root of happiness is what you share with people who are closest to you. What you give to others is really what you give to yourself – give them happiness and they will give it back to you. (Image source:Getty)

  • 3

    Mutually Loving Relationship

    When you have someone in your life who understands you and who you understand, it gives you comfort and a sense of belongingness. They give shelter to your inner spirit and soul. (Image source:Getty)

  • 4

    A Walk at Nature’s Pace

    We’re always in a hurry, trying to stay ahead of everyone and everything. Look around you and begin to notice the nature that’s around you. Breathe more slowly and you will feel more relaxed and happy. (Image source:Getty)

  • 5

    Take a Barefoot Walk

    Take a walk barefoot at a quiet place or in your garden. Standing barefoot on the earth creates a connection with nature. Take off those shoes, close your eyes and take a slow walk; you will feel the air on your skin and the warm heart of the earth through your feet. (Image source:Getty)

  • 6

    Cloud Watching

    Cloud watching is one thing that lets you go off things that are bothering you and bring calmness to all your senses. Lie on the grass and watch the clouds float by in the sky. Do it in the evening, the time when nature paints the clouds orange and pink. (Image source:Getty)

  • 7

    Hug a Tree

    Trees are strong and statuesque but irrespective of their size and shape, they are like your friends. We rely on trees to produce oxygen we need to breathe. Hugging a tree, pressing your cheek against the trunk will bring a sense of happiness in you. (Image source:Getty)

  • 8

    Passionate Endeavour

    Passion drives you. Following your dreams or the joy of work may be the sole source of your finest moments. Without desire and drive, there a feeling of lifetime left unlived. This is what passion does to you. (Image source:Getty)

  • 9

    Do something new

    Maybe you’ve always wanted to take up photography, or ride a horse, or try your hand at some sport. Go for it. Even if you are in a rut, have lost your job or are friendless, you will find happiness in things you always wanted to do. (Image source:Getty)

  • 10


    The simple act of being thankful for something fills you with positivity and lifts the levels of your happiness. Stop worrying about what you don’t have but look out for those around you; count your blessings and it will give your life meaning and joy. (Image source:Getty)

  • 11

    Treat yourself

    Sometimes, you need a breather in life. Even if you can’t afford it, you should treat yourself. Don’t think much about what you’ll need for later. Eating at fine-dining restaurants can be uplifting and you’ll feel better. (Image source:Getty)