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4 Types of showers that can heal your different health and beauty problem

A warm shower can relax your mind and body, a cold shower can help you burn fat but do you know there are many other types of shower that can help you heal many other ailments like arthritis, dry skin, sweat and many more. Yes, the best part is that

Mind Body By Onlymyhealth Staff Writer / Jun 12, 2017

Shower for arthritis

If you are suffering from arthritis pain, just a simple sea salt bath can help you have relief. Add a tsp of sea salt in warm water and bathe with it. Regular bathing with this water will ease the pain of arthritis. You can try soaking in this water for better results.

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Shower for dry skin

This is a very common skin problem that many of us suffer. Dry and flaky skin, where sometimes the skin itches can get very annoying at times. However, just one shower can help you get rid of this problem. Just add a tsp of coconut oil in your bathing water to get a well-moisturised, soft and supple skin. You can even try almond or olive oil if you want. You can even massage your body well while bathing for better results.

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Shower for excess sweat

Now, sweat is not only the biggest annoyance but can also be very embarrassing. If you sweat too much, a simple bath will just wash off the sweat while you need something more permanent. Cut some potato and boil it in water, boil for about half an hour, now add this water to your bathing water. Shower with it and after you are finished bathing, just wash your body with plain water.

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Shower for tanning

If you are tanned and have those ugly patches of burnt skin on your body, add some lemons in your bathing water and warm it a bit or some tea tree oil can be added along with. Regular wash with this water can help you get rid of dark patches on your body.

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