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Types of Men every woman wants

Have a long history of rejections by women you try to impress? There are some specifics that women seek in men. Be the man that every woman would like.

Dating By Meenakshi ChaudharyMay 17, 2014

Art of Attracting

Not all men can master the art of attracting women. It is not easy to be on the wanted list of women; however these tips will help you understand what type of man you should be for women to like you. Image Courtesy: Getty Images


Every woman likes to have a nice laugh and have some good time. Women usually like funny men who can make them laugh. While serious people may seem nicer but they may also sound boring. Image Courtesy: Getty Images

No Pretence

Women have a natural sense of judging people who are just pretending. It is not hard for a woman to judge you beyond the well-rehearsed demeanor you show her. She knows exactly how much of it is true. So stop pretending if you want her to like you. Image Courtesy: Getty Images

Be Yourself

Many men are of the thinking that being themselves would drive women away however that are not the case. Stop faking or pretending and work on to stay the way you are. There is nobody as charming as a man who is being himself. Image Courtesy: Getty Images


If you like calling names and abusing, you mustn't even bother about a woman liking you. She wouldn't. Every woman likes a man who is respectful for everyone, especially to people who are at lesser authority than his. So next treat the waiter or the valet boy nicely. Image Courtesy: Getty Images


You may not like women asking you to grow up, but this is something you exactly need to do. Being a man involves a much deeper concept than we assume. Getting older is not a way to judge that you are getting any wiser. Women love wisdom in a man. Image Courtesy: Getty Images

Be Proud, Be a Man

Never feel ashamed of being a man and the desires and drives that come associated with it. Do not try to fight the nature because it will only cause more harm to you.  A man must learn from his sexual instincts to be comfortable with being a man and use it all in a positive way. Women like men who embrace themselves the way they are. Image Courtesy: Getty Images


Women like the feeling of safety when a nice and caring man is around them. If you can be caring and make her feel safe she will like your presence around her. Even if you care for someone else women will like it. Image Courtesy: Getty Images

Never Follow Her

Seeking a woman’s approval and letting her take the lead make you look weaker. Do not be the guy who follows when her woman isn’t even leading. Step up and take the lead. Do not feel the need of explaining herself to you. Be strong and be the one who takes the call. Women always fish for confident, sure men. Image Courtesy: Getty Images

Be Confident

If you are shy, you may look cute but not desirable. Women like men who are confident and focused. Do what you feel is right and never be confused about your decisions. Image Courtesy: Getty Images

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