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Trying to lose weight? Cold water can help you out! Know how

It’s about time we all should take the ice-bucket challenge. Why? We all are very well aware of the benefits of hot water but how many of us are aware of the benefits that cold water has? Well, it is the right time to have a close look at the benefit

Mind Body By Onlymyhealth Staff Writer / Apr 17, 2017

Cold water can burn down calories

When you bathe in cold water, your body burns loads of calories to get it back to the normal temperature. In the process, the metabolism gets boosted when you drink or shower with cold water. So, whether you take a cold shower or you just gulp a glass of cold water, you are burning calories.


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It gives you glowing skin

Hot water can wash away all the natural oils from your skin while cold water can help you get a healthy glow by developing blood circulation to the skin. It also shrinks down your pores. So, a splash of cold water this summer can allow you to have a glowing complexion.


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It can wake you up in the morning

If you have the habit of having a cup of tea or coffee in the morning to wake-up in the morning, you can switch it with a glass of cold water. A glass of cold water can wake you up better than tea or coffee as cold water stimulates cold sensors, under your skin, which in-turn increase the heart rate, adding a surge of adrenaline in process, to help you feel alive in the morning.


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Cold water can help you ease pain

The adrenaline that we just talked about can also help you ease pain. The ice water distracts your brain from the ache while reducing the blood flow, then replacing the aching area with less lactic acid-filled blood.


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Can give you great hair

Giving your hair a cold water wash can allow you to have silkier and shinier hair. So, if you suffer from frizzy hair, a cold water wash can help you out by making the cuticles lie flat.


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