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The Fear of Love: Why we are Scared to Fall in Love

Understand why we fear love to such a degree that we do not want to fall in it.

Dating By Arka Roy ChowdhuryMay 09, 2014

Why Fear Love?

With all the pop culture shenanigans pushing us to believe that love is the answer to everything in life, we have been victimised. The love songs, the romantic movies, the poems that praise her beauty, the novels that promise you eternal rain, and the changing of seasons. Everyone and everything seem to be playing the fool with our poor hearts. But what you really need to understand is that love besides being an idea, is also a very scary idea. How on earth are you to devote your life to that one person, and then again be an ardent devotee, one who never fails.

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Being Vulnerable

Letting ourselves fall in true love is an act of letting ourselves go lose. This means we are at our vulnerable best, and all that matters is the feeling of being wanted and the feeling of being safe in each others arms. There is a great amount of trust that we put in our better half, and we completely depend on them. There is the fear of getting hurt and it is believed that the more you care, the more are the possibilities of getting hurt.

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Past Hurts

We are in the fear of getting hurt and this is because we get reminded of past relationships. We look at our relationship and get scared when there is any sign of a past relationship. We get paranoid and start to over think, and this then leads to doubt in our heart. All this can be really stressful.

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Sense of Insecurity

There is a constant fear that the love of your life would be with someone else. This fear of insecurity can drive one crazy, and can lead to problems. No one wants to get hurt at the end of it, and there are so many fish in the sea that one cannot possibly be that his or her lover would reamain would be forever their own.

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Level of Feeling

Often we have seen how the level of feeling differs between a man and a woman. It so happens that when you love someone you tend to keep that person by your side and care for him or her the most, but that level of feeling and intimacy may not be shared by him or her. Therefore, we again get scared regarding the outcome of giving our heart, mind and soul to a person completely.

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An Impending Doom

Love makes us feel so nice, it makes us feel wonderful. Everything else looks futile and we are at the top of the world when we are in love. It is sheer joy. This also has a flip side. If things do not turn out the way we want it to then we can be in for a real shock. It would be as good as the end of days for us, and it is definitely a horrible feeling. We are scared that things may not turn out all that great in the end.

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Breaking an Old Connection

When we get into a relationship we tend to break away from our family, this happens in an emotional level and not physical level. We become autonomous individuals who are starting to live our own lives and are working to make our own family, and this could mean detachment from the initial family. It is breaking away from an old identity and creating a new one. But wise individuals would know how to strike a balance.

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Being Consumed

If your love is true and deep then you would probably have consumed each other emotionally. This fear is one of the most important ones to look out for. At times you may feel so much love that it can amount to craziness and you would then want to set free, you would want to run away and be all by yourself.

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Scared of Losing

The most common fear is the fear of losing this person whom you have decided to love so dearly. There is every chance that things will change and will not be as great as it once was or now is. Therefore, one thing that every one fears is the fear of losing in love.

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Scared of being Trapped

Love often makes us feel like we are trapped with this one person, and the only job we have left to do is to love this person. Everything else seems to be null and void, the only ambition we have in life is to be with this person, each day of our lives. This could feel like a trap and could keep you under wraps, never really opening your life up.

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