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Troubles of Getting Married at an Early Age

When you are in a relationship it isn’t easy to resist the temptation of staying together for the rest of your life. But, before you tie the knot at an early age make sure that you and your partner are mature enough to take up the challenges marriage

Dating By Vasudha Bhat / Oct 15, 2014

Resisting the Temptation

If a couple has been together for several years it is natural to be fascinated about marriage. But, some couples cannot resist the temptation of spending the rest of the life together and therefore, they jump into the decision of getting married early.

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The Repercussions

Although the deal of marriage sounds quite appealing, marrying young can have its own repercussions. Marriage brings with it a horde of tough situations which demand a lot of maturity to be dealt with and maturity can only be a result of age and experience. So, before taking the big step here are some problems you must ponder over.

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Monetary Concerns

When a couple faces financial issues, the relationship automatically gets strained. When you marry young, in most probable situation you must have just started with your career and your financial position may not be all that strong. Thus, paying house rent, bills and making other household expenditures may lead to major fights.

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Communication Problems

Feeling ecstatic about having each other around is what triggers the feeling of getting married ASAP. But, this feeling may not last after marriage. When young couples get bombarded with responsibilities, their families and the household they are bound to work harder spending more time on work than inside the house, which leaves no time to communicate with each other. This may also lead to a stressed sex life.

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Illusion of Boundations

When you are young you have a group of friends who you wish to hang out with. But, if you have a spouse waiting for you over dinner spending a night with your favourite buddies may not be possible. When marriage starts imposing restrictions on your life, it gives birth to tensions between the couple.

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Issues with Spouse’s Family

Young people are impulsive and they like to live life on their own terms. Hence, they might not take being guided by in-laws in good spirit. However, parents are of this opinion that the onus lies on them to show their kids the right path when it comes making decisions, especially after marriage. This clash of opinions leads to heated arguments and negativity in the house.

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Parenting Problems

The issue of having children may also be the cause of conflict between young couples. The relationship may undergo a lot of strain when either of the two wants a child and the other one does not wish to expand the family. Also, couples who have children in young age automatically shift their priority to kids leaving them with very less time to spend with each other.

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Sexual Differences

The level of desire and sexual expression preferences are the parameters based on which the compatibility can be measured. Sexual differences can be commonly found in young married couples. This happens because couples may lack the skills to express their sexual preferences at young age.

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