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Ways and tips to kick alcohol dependence

Alcoholism not only affects the abuser but also those around him/her. Alcoholics with good health, motivation and willingness can recover from their alcohol addiction.

Miscellaneous By Editorial Team / May 30, 2014

Alcohol dependence

Alcohol dependence is an affliction that not only affects the abusers but also those around them. Alcoholics with good health, motivation and willingness can recover from their alcohol addiction. Here are some basic ideas to help you get started. (Image source:Getty)

Acknowledge the signs

The first step in the treatment of alcohol dependence is recognising the signs of it in you. These include a need to have a drink to relax or unwind from the day with a drink. (Image source:Getty)

Admit the ill-effects

Admit that the use of alcohol is beginning to interfere with your everyday life and relationships. Admit that you have a drinking problem. (Image source:Getty)

Stay away from trigger situations

You must stay away from situations that may trigger alcohol cravings. If you are more likely to drink social situations such as gatherings with friends, don’t be a part of it. Distract yourself when there is an urge to drink; take a walk, listen to music or do some house chore. (Image source:Getty)


It is an immediate method of treating alcoholism in which one has to suddenly stop consuming their normal heavy dose of alcohol. Inpatient care is recommended as bodies may react negatively with symptoms such as insomnia, irritability and tremors. (Image source:Getty)

Behavioural therapy

Behavioural therapy can help those recovering from alcoholism. Cognitive behavioural therapy teaches patient to handle the possibility of a relapse, and how to control your emerging cravings. (Image source:Getty)

Prescription medications

There are prescription medications available to treat alcoholism. These are the anti-craving drugs that help lower alcohol craving. These medications may have side-effects such as nausea, vomiting and headaches. (Image source:Getty)

Trust yourself

Tell yourself that you are doing the right thing. Realise how alcoholism has affected you and those around you. It is when you trust yourself and take the opportunity to fight your own battle. (Image source:Getty)

Begin a healthy lifestyle

A new healthy lifestyle; eating healthful foods, getting plenty of sleep, exercising exercise and developing a new attitude toward a positive life that is free of alcohol is the way to go. Take up something that you always wanted, it will keep you busy. (Image source:Getty)

Eat more fruits and vegetables

Increase your intake of fruits and vegetables; they tend to be higher in antioxidants. Try to eat more of a variety, with lots of green vegetables and brightly coloured fruits. (Image source:Getty)

Seek counselling

The self-help approaches cannot something help treat alcoholism. Talk to a mental health expert to get to the reason why you began drinking, the trigger situations and what can be done about it. Counsellors can help alcoholics deal with the feelings they've developed. (Image source:Getty)


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