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Top tips for Receiving Criticism with Grace

Bothered about criticism? While some panic and run away from criticism, some try to learn something from it. Here is how you can accept your criticism with grace and benefit from it.

Mental Health By Meenakshi Chaudhary / May 15, 2014


Criticism may often sound like rejection or an insult. Some take it way too personally. Here are some tips to accept criticism in a better way. Image Courtesy: Getty Images

Nothing Personal

Usually we take criticism as a personal attack however it might not be the case. Take it as a criticism of your deeds rather than yourself. It can even make you understand your faults and help you improve. Image Courtesy : Getty Images

No Emotional Connection

Don't be too attached emotionally with your criticism. It will stop you from thinking straight and might even fail to notice the reason behind the criticism. Instead carefully listen to it and try to figure out what needs to be done. Image Courtesy: Getty Images

Don't Be Defensive

When we are defensive we don't accept our faults and mistakes which eventually deny us the opportunity of improvement. Be open to criticism and accept it with grace. Image Courtesy : Getty Images

Think Rationally

When someone criticizes us, we tend to take it objectively and fail to understand the motive of that criticism. We must, however, think rationally to figure out the reasons behind the criticism and how to work on it. Image Courtesy: Getty Images

Discuss It

Rather than making it a boring one sided affair make it a productive mutual discussion. Discuss every point from the criticism so that the person criticizing you can also help you work on your faults. Image Courtesy : Getty Images

Stay Calm

Criticism often provokes us to either defend ourselves or react some other way. However, we must always be calm and approach the criticism with a cool head. Image Courtesy : Getty Images

Be Professional

Accept your criticism professionally as it can help you stay calm and open to criticism. It can help you earn some points from the person criticizing you for being a thorough professional. Image Courtesy : Getty Images

No Justifications

Criticism should never be accompanied by justifications. Even if you are right, you don't have to justify yourself amidst the criticism. Let the other person finish and then nicely provide the explanation of your justification. Image Courtesy : Getty Images

Critics Might Be Right

Even if you don't agree with the criticism take it as a learning experience as the person criticizing you might be right. If the person criticizing you is an expert of the field you are in, the criticism can be very fruitful for you. Image Courtesy : Getty Images

Be Ready to Learn

Always try to figure out why someone criticized you. It will help you learn something about your faults and weaknesses and you will be able to improve on them. Image Courtesy: Getty Images


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