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Top points to keep in mind before removing pubic hair

Summers are the time to explore the beaches. Sun, sand and sea, the thing that summers call for. However, the beach plans can go down the drain if you haven’t gone Brazilian. Yes, pubic hair can ruin your beach look. Therefore, removing your pubic ha

Fashion & Beauty By Namrata Dutta / Apr 11, 2016

Avoid that time of the month

You should never get your hair waxed during periods as during periods, you are extra sensitive to pain. And pubic hair removal is one painful process and if you are on your periods, the pain could be unbearable.

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Trim the hair down

If you have excessive hair down there, try and trim them a bit before going to the waxing session. Shorter hair will pain less than longer and thick hair.

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No workout

Quit your workout session before and after the waxing. You should wait for at least 24 hours before and after the wax. The sweat after exercising or workout may just irate the already inflamed skin.

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Wait after the first session

You should never get another wax right after your first one. Although you will see a little hair growth in just about a week but still getting another isn’t a choice. You should always wait for 15 to 20 days after your first wax.

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Warm water shower

Warm water always helps. Warm water helps relax the disturbed nerves. More than a quick shower, a dip in warm water for half an hour would help better. You can add essential oil to enhance the calming effect.

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