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Top Five Ways to Beat Migraine

Migraines are the unbearable headaches, but you can ease your migraine by following these tips. These 5 ways to beat migraine will definitely help you.

Migraine By Meenakshi Chaudhary / Oct 01, 2013

Beat your Migraine

Migraines, the extreme form of headache, are caused by the dilation and restriction of blood vessels on the scalp which supply blood to the brain. Though, mostly the reasons for migraines are genetic or hormonal, one can beat migraines with simple remedies.

Rest your Eyes

Migraines may get worse with eye strain. Make sure you rest your eyes without straining them for some time. If you can keep your eyes closed or in dark for long, it will help you feel better. Also make sure that you avoid using electronic screens like TVs and computers during migraines.

Stay Stress Free

Stress and migraines get along very well. Migraines leave the body in lot of stress; similarly stress can trigger a migraine. If you have been experiencing frequent migraines lately, then you should avoid doing stressful things in your daily life. A positive change in your daily routine that you enjoy will surely help you with your migraines as well.


Since the reasons for migraines are usually hormonal, exercise and Yoga can aid in managing them. Exercise helps your body feel healthy and stay balanced. Also make sure that you get ample of sleep daily.

Reconsider your contraceptive

Oral contraceptives can trigger migraines in women. If someone has started experiencing migraines since taking oral contraceptives then it is time to discuss it with the doctor  if another contraceptive method should be considered.

Take a Shower

Spending few minutes in the shower may help you feel better and make your migraine go easy on you. The water running on your head and the back of your neck quickly soothes the symptoms of such headaches. Aromatherapy is also an effective way of preventing migraine. Lavender oil, a powerful analgesic, also reduces the symptoms effectively.


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